DITR: WR DJ Garrett, Pine High School (Franklinton, Louisiana)

DJ Garret is a 6’2, 172 lb receiver from the class of 2025. He is a very physical receiver that doesn’t shy away from any contact, but actually invites it. DJ displays amazing footwork when running routes, confusing defenders and creating space when he needs it. The Pine High School receiver totaled 587 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns through the air, and 1 on the ground. DJ was able to show off his athletic prowess at Gridiron Football’s Elite Camp in Covington, Louisiana this past weekend. He ran a 4.69 second 3 cone shuttle, and broad jumped 9 feet, 2 inches. DJ puts his talents to good use, regularly making the reception during 1 on 1, and 7 on 7 drills. Here is where he truly showed his ability to get open and make a play. He has an innate ability to track the ball into his hands. Combining this with his aggression, makes it a lock for him to come down with a 50/50 ball every time. Deep balls aren’t the only place DJ finds success. Many of his big plays came from short receptions that he uses his shiftiness to make a defender miss and hit the open field. DJ is a very well rounded kid, citing his need to get all his schoolwork and responsibilities done before he steps onto the field. This is very apparent as he holds an impressive 3.2 GPA. A kid who has been playing ball since Pop Warner, DJ is a kid to look out for at the NCAA level.

What made you love the game of football?

Really just playing all the time in the backyard. I grew up watching my family and freiends play in little league.

What are some goals for yourself, and team for next season?

For the team, it’s to make it past the third round of the playoffs. We’ve been to the third round a few times but haven’t been able to get past it. For myself, I want 63 receptions this season.

What are some things you worked on at Gridiron Football’s Elite Camp on Saturday, that you will bring into next season?

I worked on my release with Coach Brodie. He taught me some techniques to use next year. He was showing me how to release and leverage off of certain jams.

Who do you try and emulate on the field?

I would say DK Metcalf. It’s not just going deep. DK is physical with blocking and he can run routes.

What are some ways your coach has helped you on and off the field?

Coach Bradley helps me on the field. Whenever I get frustrated that I’m not getting the ball, he tells me to keep my head up. When we are losing he tells me to keep my head up. He helps me keep my head in the game when i’m not getting the ball, he coaches me up to go out there and block. Off the field, he has us working out, were doing all kinds of footwork drills and 7 on 7. He gets me better for the season coming up.

Do you have a favorite highlight of yourself?

It was on fourth down of a playoff game from this most recent season. We ran a hitch and go and I caught a touchdown in double coverage. That’s one of my favorite plays.

How do you balance your schoolwork and football?

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is go to my classes, no football or none of that. I look at my schoolwork like, “Once I do this, I can have fun”. You have to do the hard work first and then you can have fun. I just take the schoolwork like I’m supposed to, and go out to the football field after school.

What would you say your biggest improvement has been on the field since you started playing football?

My blocking. I used to only try and get the ball and not block well. Coach Battle has been on me about it so I’ve improved my blocking a lot since I started playing football.

What is one of the biggest challenges in playing receiver?

My biggest challenge is eating up the cushion the DB gives me. Sometimes they play like 5 yards off when I have a go route, so I have to eat up the cushion as fast as I can. I have to eat it up before we get pressure on the quarterback and allow a sack.

What is your biggest on the field strength?

It takes more than one tackle to bring me down. I always make a play after the catch so it’s gonna take multiple people to try and bring me down.

What is your way too early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

I would have to say the 49ers.