DITR : WR Royale Shelvy Jefferson County High School ( Fayette, Mississippi)

Royale Shelvy , a student-athlete at Jefferson County High School, is making waves as part of the class of 2025. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch and weighing 180 pounds, Royale commands attention on the football field, particularly as a dynamic wide receiver. His statistics from the past season speak volumes: tallying an impressive 66 receptions, accumulating 1060 receiving yards, and reaching the end zone 12 times. But Royale’s impact isn’t limited to the air; he’s equally adept on the ground, amassing 404 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. Furthermore, his contributions extend to special teams, where his electrifying returns have resulted in an additional 3 touchdowns.What stands out about Royale is his big-play ability, as he consistently finds ways to make plays, evade defenders, and reach the endzone.

What are some things you have overcome in life?

” One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life is how to overcome adversity.”

What are your biggest accomplishments?

” My biggest accomplishments revolve around personal growth and achieving milestones in my athletic career. One significant achievement for me was receiving my first scholarship, which not only validated my hard work and dedication but also opened doors to future opportunities.”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

” I compare myself to Aj Brown because of his dynamic playmaking ability and versatility on the field. Additionally, I embody a Debo mentality, refusing to be tackled in open spaces and showcasing relentless determination to make plays.”

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

” Once I retire from the NFL, my plan is to prioritize spending more time with family and friends while also giving back to the community. I aspire to visit schools and youth programs to motivate and inspire young people to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges. This is important to me because I believe in the power of mentorship and guiding the next generation towards success and fulfillment.”

What are some goals you have for yourself, and your team next season?

“Some goals I have for myself next season are to break my receiving yards record and to lead my team to a state championship. Personally, I aim to improve my skills and performance on the field while contributing significantly to my team’s success. As a team, our goal is to work together cohesively, support each other, and strive for excellence in every game. Winning a state championship would be the ultimate achievement for us, and I’m fully committed to working hard and giving my best effort to make that goal a reality.”

What do you like about the sport of football and how is it significant to you?

“ What I appreciate most about football is its ability to serve as an outlet for releasing pent-up emotions and frustrations. Whenever I step onto the field, I can channel any anger or stress I may be feeling into the game, allowing me to clear my mind and focus solely on the task at hand. Additionally, football holds significant sentimental value for me because I’ve been playing it since I was young. It’s been a constant presence throughout my life, providing me with countless memories, friendships, and opportunities for personal growth. Overall, football is more than just a sport to me; it’s a cherished part of my identity and a source of joy and fulfillment.”

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

” Outside of football, I have a deep passion for outdoor activities, particularly hunting, fishing, and mud riding.”

What position do you enjoy playing the most and why?

” I enjoy playing both wide receiver and quarterback for different reasons. As a wide receiver, I love making big plays down the field and showcasing my catching skills. At quarterback, I enjoy leading the offense and making quick decisions to move the ball effectively.”

What are some ways your coaches have helped you?

“My coaches have been instrumental in my development in many ways. They’ve instilled in me the importance of perseverance, pushing me to keep going even when faced with challenges. Their guidance has helped me build mental toughness and resilience on and off the field.”

What colleges have you received any offers or interest from if any and what is your dream college to play for?

” I’ve been fortunate to receive offers from several colleges, including Toledo, Southern Miss, Southern University, Alcorn State, Southwest, and East Mississippi, among others. However, my dream college to play for is Ole Miss.”

What makes you stand out from other players?

” What sets me apart from other players is my unwavering passion for the game and my consistent performance on the football field. I approach each practice and game with unmatched enthusiasm and determination, always striving to give my absolute best effort. Additionally, my physicality on the field allows me to make impactful plays and contribute to my team’s success in both offense and defense. Whether it’s delivering bone-crushing tackles or outmaneuvering opponents to secure a crucial catch, I always bring a high level of intensity and skill to every aspect of the game.”