DITR: Dwayne Beverly

There are many powerful offensive lineman in the class of 2025, but Dwayne Beverly is looking to make a name for himself this season. At 5’11, 275 pounds, Dwayne’s physicality in the trenches is what stands out to all. Beverly attends Woodlawn High School, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a very powerful lineman, and that is very evident whenever watching his film. With a 315 pound benchpress and a 425 squat, his strength benefits him in many ways on the offensive line. His GPA throughout school has been a 3.0 as well. Dwayne does most of his work as center, but can play guard as well for the Panthers. At our Elite Camp that was held at Woodlawn, Dwayne showed off his power and technique, and proved to all watching why he was a starter as a sophomore. He will be entering his junior season, so the experience starting last season will serve him well this coming season. He just recently received his first college offer and there will be more rolling in as the season comes closer.

Tell me a little bit about where you grew up? How old were you whenever you began playing football and why do you love it so much?

“I grew up here in Baton Rouge raised by my mother and stepfather.  I started playing football with Louisiana Youth Football under the Baton Rouge Trojans for a year at the age of 7, Baton Rouge Bengals until middle school. I played one year of middle school football at Woodlawn Middle School and transitioned to playing in the Slyfa league under coach Marcus Randall with the Woodlawn Junior Panthers. I love football because it allows me to release anything applying pressure in my life. That is my way of getting rid of the unnecessary things life being.”

Have you ever played any other sports or is it just football for you?

“I have played baseball as a catcher for 3 years for the Baton Rouge Bengals.  Currently besides football I am involved in track as a shot put/disc thrower and powerlifter.”

What would you say is the strongest part about your game?

“The strongest part of my game is run blocking because we have the ability to move the opponent out the way in which allows us to score.”

What is your favorite part about playing center and favorite part about the Oline?

“My favorite part about playing center is having the ability to be a leader of the offensive line and it helps me work on accuracy in which is used in all parts of life.  My goal is to make sure the ball gets to the quarterbacks hand and in life my goal is to do things right the first time.”

What are the biggest challenges you have faced playing center?

“The biggest challenge is being under sized and possibly having a bad snap that can mess up the game. Great thing is that I am 5’11 and 275 pounds at the age of 15.  I have a lot of room to grow as I transition into my junior year this upcoming season.  Centers are often overlooked but a very important piece to each and every offensive play.”

What motivates you to be a better football player?

“Having the ability to push pass my own personal goals and limits is what motivates me the most.”

How is it having Marcus Randall as the head coach of the Panthers?

“Having Coach Marcus Randall is truly a great fit for me.  He teaches life lessons on and off the field and has a heart for all of us.”

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

“My goals for this upcoming season is to do better than we did in the last few seasons, hopefully bringing home a championship.”

Is there someone you model your game after or have watched film on?

“There are two lineman that I model my game on.  The first is Jason Kelce, the center for Philadelphia Eagles, and Trent Williams, a tackle for San Francisco 49ers.”

How has the recruiting process been for you, has there been any colleges showing you any interest??

“I have been blessed to receive my first football offer last week from John Melvin University.  Besides this offer, I have been invited to several camps personally.  To name a few the University of North Texas, University of Central Arkansas, University of Texas Permian Basin, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  I have also completed an unofficial visit with The University of Arkansas at Monticello. I am blessed and excited to experience what’s next for me.”