DITR: Darren Moses

Daren Moses is a class of 2022 offensive lineman for Florida Christian in Miami, FL. The dual-sport athlete is 5’10 and weighs 265. Darren runs a 5 40-yard dash, 4.6 shuttle, 17.1 vert, squats 405lbs, cleans 185lbs, benches 290lbs, and benches 185lbs for 14 reps. He has a very high football IQ and has been playing on varsity since 8th grade. Darren is very fast and strong for a lineman; he does a great job of mirroring and staying Infront of defenders, and he does not give up ground easily. His coach described him as coachable, strong, and willing to work hard.

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How long have you been playing football? Eight years.

Do you play any other sports? Lacrosse.

Why do you choose to play football? My dad played it and told me to give it a try and I tried it and liked it.

What is your primary position? Center.

What is the most important part of playing on the C? Being able to read the defense quickly.

What’s the first thing you look at when you line up? The LB and DT to know where they are playing and who’s going to blitz.

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What side of the line are you more comfortable at? Left.

Where else on the line can you play? I can play anywhere on the line, but I’m most comfortable at center.

What position do you see yourself playing at the next level? Center.

Most rewarding part about playing on the C? When you call a blitz, and everything goes smooth.

What are you doing to get better? I lift and do cardio to stay in shape.

Do you have any goals for this season? Win states and personally to get a scholarship.

What stands out about the way you play? My footwork, I can move around quickly for a lineman.

Why should colleges give you a chance? I think I have good feet and the smarts to play, I just need to work on my hands.

What would you consider your biggest strength? My feet.

What positions can you play? I could play on the interior D-line.

Is there an area of your game that needs work? My hand placement can be better.