January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Zabian Boutan

Zabian Boutan, a class of 2021 Linebacker/Defensive end from Parkview Baptist in Baton Rouge. Zabian is 6’1″ and weighs 231 lbs. Boutan is a very versatile player on and off the field. Zabian He seems to always be where the action is and does whatever it takes to help his team win. He plays with good pad height and aggressiveness. Uses his hands well to get off blockers and has the ability to make plays on the ball. Being a student athlete can be hard, but Zabian shows that with his overall GPA of 3.1 and ACT score of 23, he can handle it.

At what age did you begin playing football? And what attracted you to the sport?

I was around 8 or 9-years old. The contact of the game and the team aspect are what interested me in playing.

Do you play any other sports?  What sport would you want to try if you didn’t play football?

I do not play any other sports. I would probably run or throw for the track team if I had to choose.

What is your favorite thing about gamedays? Why? 

Warmup and right before the game. Also, the mindset and getting ready to play. Your mind changes from day to day mode into game mode. You focus on one objective which is to win. 

Who or what is your biggest motivation?  

My biggest motivation is just doing what I love and glorifying God through what I do. 

Do you have a dream college to play at? 

I’d really like to play at Florida State or the University of Texas.

Oh, really why Texas? 

The atmosphere and the team interaction and just the bond I have seen. I also want to get out of Louisiana. 

Why do you want to leave? 

I’ve been here my whole like and want to experience a different environment. 

What is the most valuable thing that football has taught you? 

It’s taught me how to take a loss, how to have a positive attitude toward the loss and thinking through it. 

Outside of football, what hobbies do you have, or what do you do for fun? 

I like weightlifting it’s a good stress reliver and hanging out with my family. 

What is your biggest goal right now in life? How are you going to obtain that goal? 

Right now, doing everything I can to go to the next level, and giving God the glory for it all. 

Is there a collegiate or professional player that you look up to most, or just favor?

I’ve always looked up to Ray Lewis as person and player. He just showed me how to be a smart and educated athlete, not just great on the field but also in the classroom.

How would your peers, teammates, and coaches describe you?

I mean I’m not really sure how they would describe me, but I feel that I have shown myself to be a leader and humble player and person. 

What do you feel to be your biggest strength, why?

My attitude and mentality is probably biggest strength it’s hard not to meet my goals. If I set a goal for myself, I will achieve it.  

What about your biggest weakness, why? 

I think that sometimes my maturity level could be a weakness. Sometimes I don’t take stuff serious enough, but I also take some things too serious. 

Finally, what are you most excited about for your upcoming senior season?  

I’m just ready for that final go around. The last first day, last first game, and homecoming. Really just making memories.