Diamond In The Rough: Trey White

Trey White is an offensive tackle who plays for Zachary High School. He is listed at 6’0’ 238 lbs.  While he is undersized at his position, he does his job well and can move defensive ends lined up against him, as well as being terrific on double team plays. He brings a team-first mentality to any organization that is willing to give him a chance along with a determination to face adversity.

How long have you been playing football?

I started playing when I first moved to Zachary, 1st grade was my first year.

Your hudl has you listed at 6’0’ 238, have you gotten any bigger or is that still accurate?

I’ve gotten a little bigger, I’m about 6’1’ 245lbs.

Even though you have gotten a little bigger, you are still undersized. Has that ever been an issue for you playing on th o-line?

I never have gone into a game worried about my size, our O-line coach does a great job of getting us to gel as a unit. We aren’t individual players on the line, it is a whole line itself.  I just focus on technique so being undersized does not really hinder me too much.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to this point in time?

Winning a state championship as starter on varsity my sophomore year.

You started as a sophomore so this will be your third year straight starting?

Well I actually was not able to play my junior year, but I was a projected three-year starter. So, this will be my second year starting.

What are some expectations you have going into this year?

I want to be one of the best to ever be part of the program. We are going to have a great season; we are going to gel together. I expect to get to state and win state.

How have you been staying in shape?

I’ve been jogging around the neighborhood and using weights I have at the house. I also go in my backyard and do drills to practice technique.

Is there anyone you try to model your game after?

Terron Armstead and I watch Duke Mayweather’s twitter a lot to just pick brains of from actual o-lineman to learn technique. I model my game after people like that.

What is something you want to improve the most?

I want to improve my thinking during the game.  I want to get to a point in a game where I just react, and my tasks become instinct. Thinking too much is how you can get into trouble and mess things up.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I lift weight, hang out with my friends, watch movies, just normal teen stuff really.

Do you play any other sports?

Yes sir, I do powerlifting during the off-season.

What motivates you to play football?

I want to go to school for free to take the burden from my parents. Also, I love the bond that football creates between teammates.

How do you prepare for a game?

I make sure I’m hydrated the whole week leading up to the game. I watch as much film as I can to learn other team’s schemes, so I know what to expect during the game. I also try to make sure I look good, if you look good you play good.

How would you describe yourself as a player and as a teammate?

As a player I feel like I’m a very versatile and smart o-lineman. I’m technically sound, a hard worker on the field, and easily coachable. As a teammate I feel like I’m a leader, I motivate my peers to work hard and try to encourage we do the right thing even when nobody is watching.

Any advice for younger players?

Always try to be a leader. Don’t feel like you have to change for anyone, if they don’t like you for who you are or what you have going on you don’t need to be around them. Also, sometimes its okay to be a follower as long as your following the right people, someone who will take you to the right place you need to be.

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