Diamond in the Rough: RB Cashmire Batiste

Cashmire Batiste is a running back from Carencro High School in Lafayette, LA. As a 5’8” 165lbs running back, he uses multiple approaches to move the chains and score points. With over 25+ touchdowns on the season, Cashmere is a vital part of this Carencro High School offense. He uses his speed mixed with his quick change of direction to get around defenders and maneuver his way into the endzone. This versatile player is also utilized in the passing game. When you give him the ball great things can happen.

I recently had an interview with Cashmere Batiste:

Q: When did you start playing football?

“I started playing football at the age of 11 for a rec team.”

Q: What are your hobbies off of the football field?

“My hobbies outside of football are hanging with friends and family, also lifting.”

Q: What is your favorite football memory?

“My favorite football memory is the bus ride back after winning state my freshman year.”

Q: Have you always played running back?

“I haven’t always played running back, I started as a quarterback and it really forced me to focus more on play knowledge and leadership, which I use while I play running back.”

Q: How do you balance your academic career to your athletic career?

“The way I balance my academic and athletic life is by being a student athlete. Your grades are the key to all locked doors athletically, so when it’s school time I work and when it’s football time I work.”

Q: What are your biggest strengths on the football field?

“My biggest strength on the field is being a three way back. I can block, catch, and run the ball. Also, knowing everyone’s responsibilities not just mine to keep people on task.”

Q: What have you worked on over the offseason to improve your game?

“Over the offseason I’ve worked on my strength and speed, this has been a big part of my game this year so I’m glad I took time to work on it.”

Q: What have you learned about yourself while playing football?

“I’ve learned, about myself, that I’m mentally strong, not too many people can handle what i do and it shows a lot.”

Q: Besides football, do you play any other sports?

“I do play other sports such as track and powerlifting, these have helped me tremendously leading up this season as I became bigger and stronger.”

Q: What is your favorite accomplishment so far in your football career?

“My favorite accomplishment must be getting over 25 touchdowns through this regular season with multiple games left.”

Q: What is your personal goal for the season?

“My personal goal is to be better than i was last year.”

Q: How much do you view the importance of pass blocking?

“I view pass blocking highly, nobody is more important than the quarterback and keeping him protected will keep him healthier. I make sure I train for this by doing pass blocking drills during the offseason and practice.”

Q: Would you say you are a power back, elusive back? And why?

“In my opinion, i would say that I’m both a power back and an elusive back. I can do it all, run inside and outside of the tackles, and run through and around people I can just do it all.”

Q: What is your favorite type of play to run?

“My favorite type of play to run has to be counters or sweep.”

Q: Who would you say your biggest role model is?

“My biggest role model has to be either Kevin Faulk, Blake Corum, or Alvin Kamara. I look up to all of these players.”

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced on the field?

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced on the field has to be staying consistent, hard for a man to be consistent play after play.”

Q: What do you think you still need to improve on throughout the remainder of this season?

“The main thing i need to improve on throughout the season is pass blocking, due to me being undersized kind of hard to handle some people.”

Q: Are there any current NFL or college players that you like to study their film or model your game after?

“There is a few I like to model my game around such as Blake Corum, Alvin Kamara, and Bucky Johnson.”

Q: How would your teammates describe you?

“My teammates would describe me as a leader. Someone to look up to and count on when times get hard.”

Q: How was the recruiting process for you?

“The recruiting process has been very hard for me. No offers so far, but I’m praying they’ll come in.”

Q: What is something you want your future college coaches to know about you for the next upcoming year?

“I’m here now, you can count on me I’ll never let you down.”