January 22, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Michael Carmouche Jr

Michael Carmouche Jr is a wide receiver out of Fredrick Douglass High School in New Orleans, LA. Studying this guy’s film, the first thing that came to mind was versatility. He’s able to run every route affectively, lined up in the slot or the outside. Carmouche is able stretch the field with a combination of speed and elite ball tracking skills. One of his strongest attributes, however, is his leaping ability, as he made an array of contested catches over defensive backs. The 6’0 170 lb wideout was recognized as a first team all-district selection after an impressive junior season. Carmouche says he has even higher expectations for himself and his teammates to fulfill for his highly anticipated senior season.

At what age did you start playing football and what were some of your biggest motivators for doing so?

I’ve been playing football my whole life. I started contact when I was 9 years old. Some of my family members played and they introduced me to the sport at an early age.

Describe your style of play on the football field.

I consider myself a deep threat wide receiver but feel as though I am just as well-rounded in every other aspect of the position. I can catch a screen pass and find the end zone or catch jump balls over defenders at any moment.

You mentioned jump balls. As I anlyzed your film, I noticed that your team did in fact throw you numerous fade routes, primarily in the red zone. Take me through what goes through your mind when you hear that play called in the huddle.

I know that I must catch the ball at its highest point. I am confident in my ability to out leap any defensive back, so I just focus on coming down with the ball and getting my feet inbounds.

What player at the professional or collegiate level is your favorite to watch and try to mimick some of their qualities?

Julio Jones. He runs every route and has the ability to make any catch. He’s big and the perfect example of a complete wide receiver that I feel like I can one day become.

Take a moment and think about if you didn’t play WR. Where else could you see yourself lining up to make an impact on the football field and why?

I could see myself playing corner or safety. I have good ball skills and the ability to not bite on double routes.

What has been your favorite high school memory until this point?

When I caught my first touchdown my sophomore year. Throughout rec ball, I played DB so I had never scored a touchdown before then.

What were some of your team’s pregame routines, if any?

We would listen to music and get ourselves hyped. That was our way of getting into the mindset that we have to win.

Outside of football, are there any other sports you play?

I played basketball also when I was younger. I currently run track for my high school. I run the 4×2, long jump, high jump, hurdle, and I’ll probably run the 100 next year.

What lesson has football taught you that will remain with you going forward?

I learned that you can be a leader by example. People watch your actions and usually respect the fact that you are leading in that way. Someone’s always watching you, no matter what you’re doing.

Walk me through what your offseason consists off.

I attend summer practice. When I’m not with my team I run, workout, or play 7 on 7 football to stay in shape.

Have you set any personal goals for next season? Tell me some of the expectations your team has for the season.

I want to make all district, all state, and have a 1000 yard receiving season. The main goal that our team has set is to win the state championship.

What do you hope your teammates and coaches say about Michael Carmouche Jr when your high school career is all said and done?

That I was a hard worker, team player, a leader, and I always had my teammates’ backs.