January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Mandel Eugene

Mandel Eugene is a 6’1″ 190 pound linebacker out of St. Charles Catholic High School in LaPlace, Louisiana. Eugene is an aggressive linebacker who is a sure tackler and never takes a play off. He is also an excellent run stopper. He has been First Team All-District, All-State, and Defensive MVP. Eugene is rated 4 stars. At St. Charles Catholic, he holds a 3.2 gpa and is also a part of the Track & Field program.

When did you begin playing football and what made you want to play this?

I would say I started playing around seven or eight. What made me want to play was the fact that I always played football outside growing up. I wanted to see what it was like to play organized football?

What do you like to do outside of sports?

Outside of sports, I like to ride four wheelers a lot. Other than that, I am either on the game or working out.

Do you play any other sports at St. Charles Catholic?

I also run track! I run the 4×2, the 200, and the 4×1. It keeps me in shape for the football season and improves my running techniques.

What’s your favorite thing about being a linebacker?

Hitting people is my favorite thing for sure!

What are some goals you have for next season?

One of my biggest goals is to get back to the championships and get a ring.

How do you think coaches and teammates would describe you as a player?

They would describe me as a great leader. They would also say I am a linebacker who can run sideline to sideline and make plays. I have a lot of energy on and off the field.

What type of things do you do in your offseason to keep yourself in shape?

I run a lot, work with my trainer, and do a lot of home workouts.

What has football taught you about yourself or life?

It has taught me that things do not come easy. A lot of stuff you expect out of life, you may not get. It has also taught me how to face adversity.

Have you always played this position or did you ever play anything else?

In middle school I played running back.

So would you say you like that more than being a linebacker?

I definitely like being a linebacker more!

What’s your favorite thing about playing football in louisiana?

I would say the people. You get a lot of support around here.

What would you tell younger players who want to play high school football one day?

I’d tell them they have to get strong mentally before you go out there. It doesn’t come easy. You have to be ready to outwork the next person as a lot of people want your spot.

What would you bring to a college team and what are you looking for in one?

I would bring a lot of energy and leadership to a college team. I’m looking for a place that feels like home. I don’t want to feel out of place.

Three words to describe yourself are?

Humble, fearless, and courageous!

Are there any college or NFL athletes that you look up to or try to model your play style after?

I look up to Ray Lewis. He went through a lot outside of football and stayed strong. Even when he was injured, he was still there for his teammates.

How do you prepare for an upcoming game?

I rest my body a lot. I try to do a lot to build up my stamina and eat right. I watch a lot of film and play close attention at practice.

How do you handle wins and losses?

Wins, during the game you are excited but you know there’s another game next week. You celebrate that night but it’s back to work after that. For losses, of course no one ever wants to lose. It comes with the game though. You have to work harder next week.