January 19, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Kameron Booker, Jonesboro Hodge High School

Kameron is a 4 star ranking in our recruiting magazine with an overall grade of a 7.6. He scored a 6 in size, 6 in strength, 10 in speed, 8 in technique, and 8 with hands. He is a senior running back at Jonesboro Hodge High School and uses his speed and agility on the field. He maintains a 3.4 GPA. He attended various camps over the summer to work on speed and footwork skills.

Height: 5’9

Weight: 170

Clean: 225

Squat: 360

Bench: 250

40 Time: 4.48

GPA: 3.4


When did you begin playing football?

 I began playing flag football when I was 7 and began tackle football when I was 10.

What do you love about football?

  It teaches you a lot about life and lets you know that nothing comes easily. You have to work hard in football you cannot just go out on the field without preparation.

What do you like most about being a running back?

  I like running back because you have to know a lot and you and the quarterback help operate and run the team. A lot of people look up to running backs.

What did you do over the summer to get better prepared for your senior season?

  I attended a lot of camps over the summer. Any time I got the chance I was on the field or in the weight room putting in extra work. I went to NSU, LA Tech, and ULL camps.

Do you play any other sports?

  I run track as well as play football. I run the 4×1, 4×2, 100-meter dash, and 200-meter dash. My freshman and sophomore year I was second team All-District at running back and my junior year I was first team All-District at running back.

What is the biggest thing you have improved on since last season?

  My speed has improved from all the workouts and things I did over the summer. My footwork has become more accurate.

What is your biggest motivation?

  My mom died when I was 2 so I do everything in honor of her. I never got a chance to do anything to make her proud before she died.

What are you excited about for this season?

  Our first game let us know that we can be beat. Over the summer we got very hype and losing last week was a humbling experience leading into the rest of the season.  I am looking forward to us coming together as a whole team and hopefully winning the state championship.

What do you want your college major to be?

I would like to major in architecture. If that does not work out, I would like engineering.

What would your coaches say about you?

They would say that I am a leader on the field, I lead physically by example.