The season opener of the Falcons VS the Eagles started off slow with a game delay due to weather. When the game started I have to say the NFL finaly got it right, or maybe just trying to mend fences, by showing the National Anthem and dedicating it to our troops. They even had selected members of our military holding the doors for the teams as they exited the locker rooms. I did notice however out of the entire Eagles players and staff only one bothered to recognize the soldiers and thank them for their service. Anyway it was an improvement.

The season began with an Eagles kick-off and an immediate false start call. In the end the Falcons would start and end much the same as in last years play-offs, starting with a 4th and goal, a hand-off to Freeman-NO GOOD! There was a weird call, in my opinion, of “un-sportsman like conduct, running out of bounds and not returning soon enough”?????? There was also a new ruling exercised during a questionable catch, as now ball movement does not constitute an incomplete pass. By the third quarter it was pretty much a defensive game with a whopping score of 6-3 (yawn), but then the “Philly Special” was revisited when Foles tossed to Clement who then tossed the ball to Aqholor, and then back to Foles for 15 yards. The last quarter was more interesting but the game ended in the last second with a muffed play by the Falcons loosing to the Eagles 12/18

Anyway the season is finally here and the Saints play Sunday against the Bucks.

Geaux Saints!