Diamond In The Rough: Jyren Ester

In this issue of Diamond in the Rough, I will be highlighting the 5’11 and 160lb 4-star cornerback Jyren Ester from East Ascension. In the classroom Jyren maintain a strong 3.7 GPA. Athletically he runs a 4.5 forty, with a max squat of 365lbs and bench of 185lbs. On tape he undoubtedly proves that the 4.5 time is legit. He easily sticks to wide receivers down field and shows good recovery speed. When the ball is in the air, he tracks the ball well and high points it when he’s trying to make a play. Even though he’s on the smaller side, Jyren is a willing tackler in the run game. He’s a calm character, but his passion for football shines through the cracks when you talk to him. You can learn more about the type player and person Jyren Lester is below.


How did you get introduced to football?

My Dad was always into football. He ended up playing one year for Southern and that was it because he got hurt. He was a running back, which was the same position I played in little league before they moved me to wider receiver and then to corner. I actually made the move to corner last year. They tried me out there one day and I liked it, so I made the move. But he introduced me to the game. I started playing when I was six years old and stuck with it ever since.

 Why do you still play football?

Because my Dad passed on the love for the game to me. Football is just my passion. It’s an everyday thing for me. I couldn’t see myself without it.

What are some things you like to do outside of football?

Mainly play basketball. That’s about it. If I’m not training for football then that’s what I’ll do. I don’t play video games like that. I used to in middle school, but I left them alone once I got to high school to focus on school and football.

Describe how it feels to be on the field?

It’s a great feeling. Just being able to compete against someone else is the best feeling in the world. It’s really about the competition for me. I love competition.  I compete in every aspect of life.

What are some of your values?

Family is really important to me. Putting God first and attending church is big for me as well. I basically do everything for my uncle, who passed away when I was fourteen. On my wall I have a picture of him and use that as motivation.

Who is your favorite NFL Player?

Jalen Ramsey! Well it’s him and Marshon Lattimore because they don’t back down from anyone. They always love competition.

Who or what has inspired you the most in your life?

My Dad. He’s always pushing me hard to be the best I can. He always makes sure I’m doing well in school and that I’m eating right. I’m real big on eating the right things and taking the right supplements. Before school I start my day with a boiled egg everyday. Just little things like that are important.

What is the most challenging thing about football?

Probably moving from wide receiver to cornerback. It was something I never saw myself playing. At the beginning of last season, I didn’t play much because I was new to the cornerback position. But by week five I started to get the hang of it and coach took a chance on me. From there on, I got an opportunity to show my talents and prove that I can play the position. He gave me a chance to show that I can run with anybody and shadow people in man coverage.

What has football taught you?

It taught me that hard work beats talent. Like putting in the work always prevails. People who just have talent won’t succeed without the work.

Goals for the upcoming season?

My personal goal would be to make the all-district team. My team goal would be to win the state championship.


To get a little more information on Jyren, please watch his video interview below.