Diamond In The Rough: Connor Finucane

In this issue of Diamond In The Rough, I will be highlighting 2nd team all-district 4-star offensive/defensive lineman Connor Finucane from Catholic High. Outside of football, Connor is a wrestler who twas the all-metro city champion last year. He has an imposing physique, standing a towering 6’4  and weighing in at 280lbs. In the classroom, he maintains a 3.5 GPA and scored an impressive 32 on the ACT. In the weight room, he has solid maxes of 315lbs on the bench, 405lbs squat and a 315lbs power clean. These numbers are repeatedly reflected by the strength he displays on film.  Connor is a powerful presence in the middle that routinely pushes the pocket and dominants the inside. However, his technique and motor may be impressive than his physical strength. His tape is littered with clips of him using various techniques to win one on one battles against offensive lineman. He has a good first step, and if he doesn’t initially make the play at the line, he’ll run twenty to thirty yards down field to finish the play On offense he is a nasty blocker who uses his hands well and finishes engagements. He has good feet and looks smooth when pulling across the line and runs well in the open field. As a person he is a composed, precise, and thoughtful individual. You can tell he has a high level of intelligence from how he talks about football. To learn more about that, you can check out some snippets from our conversation below.

When did you first get involved in football?

  • I can’t t remember a time I wasn’t in it, so I would say I got started in Pre-K. What really drew me to it was my Dad. He played along the offensive line in college at Nicholls State and coached me when I first started playing. I got my size and mentality from him.

Why do you still play football?

  • I like the competition. It’s fun in general and it creates permanent bonds with my friends and teammates. I mean it’s like chess and MMA at the same time. It’s dynamic and each play is never the same. With baseball there’s got to be a pitch and hit. You never know what’s going to happen in football. I enjoy how it makes me think and constantly adapt to different situations. I love it and don’t see myself without it anytime soon.

Which side of football is more important in your option? Physical or Mental?

  • Well you can’t block somebody without knowing who to block so I would have to say the mental side. You can have a great body with great strength and athleticism,but if your not right in the head you can’t apply it. If you’re not athletic, but have the right mindset and knowledge you can still succeed on the field.

What has football taught you?

  • How to work hard. It also taught me communication skills, the importance of effort, and how to be a good team player within a group. My coaches have instilled a culture that— if you buy into it — you’ll be successful on and off the field.

What are some things you like to do outside of football?

  • Just casual weightlifting and working out with friends. Hanging out with football guys and talking football. Oh and work on my car. I have a 88’ Toyota Land Cruiser. I don’t really like working on other cars though — just mine.

If you have a game coming up tomorrow, what are some things you do to prepare to for it?

  • I don’t even think about it. Because if you look forward, you lose sight of what your doing now. The world could end tomorrow, but you didn’t do a thing in the now because you were looking forward to tomorroww.

What is something most people don’t now about you?

  • I’m a big dog lover. I have a border-collie…he’s my soul-mate.

Describe yourself in three words?

  • Grit, Passion, Perseverance

How would  you describe your style of play on both sides of the ball?

  • Intellectual and nasty. I like the tactics and techniques involved in the game, but its always fun to just put your head down and be physical. By tactics I mean what technique to use to beat the guy across from me. Just the thought process behind how am I going to counter what my opponent just did in a split second.

Who or what has influenced you the most in your life?

  • My Mom, Dad, and football coaches throughout my career. I spend the most time with them. They imprint good things on me such as good work habits and how to treat other people.

What is your overall goal in life?

  • To have kids and watch them be successful in their own way. And to be a good person who works hard.

Who’s your favorite NFL Player?

  • Kevin Mawae. I think we’re pretty similar in stature, upbringing, mindset, and position. I want to be like him.

When you get to college what do you plan to major in?

  • Kinesiology or Biology. I don’t know if i want to ultimately be an orthopedist or strength coach, but I want something to do with those fields.

Goals for the upcoming season?

  • Personally, to work on my pass rush and the transition from offensive line to defensive line. And also to condition myself well to prepare for playing both ways next season. For the team, I want us to be the best we can be.