Diamond In The Rough: Donovan McCray

Donovan McCray is a running back and outside linebacker for Mentorship Academy High School from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. McCray is 5’10” with a weight of 195Ibs and runs a 4.64 40 dash. Donovan received the WBRZ fan choice award and 1st team all-district for running back last season. He also has maintained a 3.3 GPA throughout his high school career. Donovan has a very high work ethic ad loves being in the gym and lifting weights as a way to wind down and relax. He benches 295 and squats a 425. McCray is a well-rounded player on the field and has a nose for the ball being on both sides of it. 

How long have you been playing football? Do or did you play any other sports?

Since I was about  5 years old. Football was my number one sport, but I played basketball partly. 

What about football made you love it so much? 

The contact and the physicality. It’s just a fun sport. I also like to take my aggression out and with football it’s easy.

Were you always a running back or have you played any other positions? 

All career played linebacker until 8th grade, then I transitioned to both positions. 

What sets you apart as a player? 

My pass catching ability and my vision.  I see a lot of openings, balance,  and my unwillingness to go down and be tackled. My physicality, you won’t want to tackle me. 

Do you have any pre or post game traditions? 

No, just music and get in the zone. 

Do you have a favorite athlete, or one you look up to? Why?

Derrick Henry, he played for my favorite team in Alabama. I like how he can be dominate force on field, control the age, set the tempo. I like that play style and try to mimic it. 

How do you deal with adversity on and off the field? 

Depends, regroup with my team and talk about what went wrong. Watching film to see our mistakes and fix them. This helps to plan and execute better in the future. 

Who or what are your biggest motivators? Why? 

My mom, because no matter what or how hard it is, she makes sure my sisters and I are okay.  She tries to make everything happen and it’s only her with us. She just does a wonderful job and  I want to give back to her so she can have what she wants and needs.  

What lesson has football taught you that will remain with you? 

First of all, there’s no “I” in team. You must work with your people to achieve that goal and put differences aside. Basically, teamwork, unity, selfless, discipline, and listen to your coaches and teammates feedback to gain success.  

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