Diamond In The Rough: Christian Howard

Christian Howard is an upcoming senior, graduating in 2021 from Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Christian is an Offensive Tackle and Defensive End for the Varsity football team. He stands at 6’1” and weighs 255Ibs and runs a 5.01 40. Howard is a versatile player being that he plays on both sides of the ball. He is always being relied on by his team and shows great leadership. Christian doesn’t let anyone, or anything stop him from reaching his goals. During his junior season Howard received all-district for O-Line. Howard also excels in academics and has managed to keep a 3.0 GPA. 

About how long would you say you’ve been playing football? 

Since I was probably in the sixth grade. 

What about football made you love the sport so much? 

I feel like football is a way to get my  mind off my problems at home. It helps keep me focused and stay on track. I wouldn’t be me without it. 

Are you involved in any other sports or organizations at school? Outside of school? 

I was playing basketball, but I quit because I just want to play football. 

How is it playing on both sides of the ball? 

It feels good! I feel like I’m always needed, relied on.  

Do you do anything specific or particular before each game? 

My cousin Rashaad Landry and I pray together before each game. Also, my mom and grandma always send me pre- game texts.  

Are your mom and grandma a big impact in your life?

Big, big impacts, they are always there for me since I had no father figure.  They support me through it all.

What is your favorite thing about football season?

I love it all, but my favorite is homecoming. It’s a scene I feel like I see people from everywhere like Florida, and other places. To me it’s so fun and it’s something to always look forward to because it’s annual. 

What do you do during off season?

I train with my two trainers Michael Landry and Cortez Mitchell. 

What does your training usually look like?  

We do speed and agility on weekends. On M/W/F usually lifting weights and T/TH we are outside working on my skills; hand work, tackling, placement, etc.

Have you had to overcome any hardships? 

At one point I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school; like play football still. I had people telling me I wasn’t going to play after high school, and I wasn’t going to make it. I felt like I had taken care of everyone and keep my mind on the right track. 

What lesson did it teach you? 

It taught me I can make anything possible. You shouldn’t let anyone decide your destiny or future. If you do that some people will try to control your mind. I had my head down and then I reminded myself don’t give up.

How does football help you off the field? 

It helps me stay focused. I know need to keep my grades straight and be good at home. It helps  keeps me out of trouble. Without football I’d probably be on the streets. That’s just how it is out here, and I want to be different.

So, what are your plans for college? 

I was thinking JUCO  at first but, I’ll go where I feel like I’m at home. If  it’s a D1 or D2 school I want to stay as close to home as possible. Maybe LSU, Southern, ULL, Southeastern, just somewhere close. 

Who do you look up to most? 

I’d have to say Michael Landry because he was just a coach at our school then, he came into my life. I started to understand his life and listen to his stories and he started to understand my life. He played in the NFL and chose his path. Yes, some people make mistakes, but follow who makes the lesser mistakes. He’s a great role model and no I don’t want to be just like him but a little different and have my own path. 

What are you looking forward to most about your senior season? 

I’m just ready for it to start. I know I’m going to be a big impact and leader for my team. But, I’m not ready for the last game. I don’t want it to end so fast like this year did, ended quickly. My #1 goal next season besides winning the championship is to beat St. James.

How do you plan to obtain that goal? 

Over this off season before this outbreak we worked out every day. So many of us were getting it rolling just pushing each other to be better. 

Do you and your teammates have a close bond? 

Very close, I plan to keep my bonds after high school. I also plan to come back any chance I get to see everyone. 

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