Diamond in the Rough: Corey Lambert Jr.

Corey Lambert Jr. is a Free Safety in the 2022 class and plays for Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He comes with good size, standing at 6’1 while weighing 195lbs. Lambert is a rangy, hard hitting safety that plays center field for that Crusader defense. He brings good man coverage when needed be and provides tremendous safety help over the top, all while showing how disruptive he can be by bringing in 4 interceptions and 12 pass break ups his junior year (9 games). Lambert also brings good run support. His great lateral and vertical speed help him fill in running lanes, as well as the angles he takes to bring down the runner with his impeccable tackling abilities as he racked up 75 this past season. Corey Lambert Jr. is overall a great cover safety with sure tackling and good ball hawking skills. He is sure to be a leader not only on the field, but off the field too with his 3.7 GPA.

When did you start playing football? A couple weeks after my 5th birthday, I started playing for this team my dad created called “JrBops”

Is that where you got introduced to the position? Actually, from that age up until 10th grade, I played Quarterback full time and Safety on the side. When I got to 10th grade, I changed positions. So, my junior year was my first time playing full time Safety.

What would be the highlight of your football career so far? I would have to pick this entire season, from start to finish.  There almost was not a season, so we were just fighting hard for the love of the game. Then when there was a season, we came up a little short in the semis.

What NFL player would you compare your game to and why? Earl Thomas, Jamal Adams, Minkah Fitzpatrick. Like them, I am good in coverage and can ball hawk around. I feel that I am great in coming down and fitting in the run game, and I can play a bit of man coverage

What would be your favorite thing about your position? I like the fact that the defense sort of revolves around my position, I can run the defense, and just that there are multiple things I can do.

What would be your favorite aspect of your game? I would say my understanding of the game, my athleticism, and versatility.

What are three words that best describes you? Ambitious, Consistent, and Versatile.

What are some team and personal goals you have for next season? My one and only goal for next season is to win a state championship!

What would you bring to a college team? My mentality, my work ethic, and my leadership

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