September 30, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Cameron Coleman

Cameron Coleman is a 6’2, 225 pound defensive lineman out of Madison Prep in Baton Rouge, LA. Cameron has been able to be very affective up front for the Chargers defense this season. He has constantly made timely plays, stuffing runs in the backfield and pressuring QBs all season. Coleman has surely been one of the voices and leaders for this Charger football team throughout the season. Off the field, Cameron boasts a 3.5 GPA and 21 ACT score. This young man has a bright feature and is a sleeper in this senior class.

When did you start playing football and who were your biggest motivators?

I started playing at 5 years old. I practiced with my brother’s team. Everyone was older then me. My dad and my older brother inspired me to play. We played in the backyard and my dad coached. I’ve been around football all my life, that’s all I know.

What is your best attribute on the football field?

I’m a coach on the field. I can read offenses. I watch a lot of film on opponents so when they line up against us I can know what they are doing. I try to help put my teammates in better positions. I always do my job to help my LBs and DBs.

What should coaches at the next level expect from a player like you in their program?

A very hard working person. I’m a natural born leader and someone who’ll never make excuses on or off the field. I always go hard, I listen, and I’ve dedicated my life to football. Anything coaches ask me to do I’ll do it.

Tell me what runs through your mind when your team needs a big stop or momentum shifting play from the defense.

It’s do or die, win or go home. It doesn’t matter what point it is in the game, 1st quarter, fourth quarter, 3rd and short, or first and 10, you have to treat it the same. If you let them convert then you’ve lost.

What personal goals had you set for this season? Team goals?

I don’t really like to look at individual accomplishments until the end of the season. As for the team, the goal has always been to repeat. Ever since we won last year the goal has been to win another championship game. For myself, I made 2nd team all district but I’m hoping I get to first team All District and All State.

What NFL players do you enjoy watching to help make yourself better?

Von Miller, Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, and Myles Garrett.

How do you want to be remembered by your Madison Prep coaches and teammates?

I want them to just remember a person that always worked hard, dedicated his life to football, pushed teammates to be great, and gave his all.

What are you looking forward to as you go on your last playoff run with the team?

I’m looking forward to everyone holding each other accountable. I’m looking forward to dominating every team. We don’t want to just win, we want to dominate everybody just like we did in the Championship game last year.

Check out Cameron’s highlights here

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