January 19, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Brady Talley

Brady Talley is a kicker out of Saint Paul’s School in Covington, Louisiana. Brady measures at 6’0 145 lbs. Talley is a spot-on kicker as he hits the ball with velocity and drives it through the goal posts. He is consistent and is already displaying the ability to make kicks from 50+ yards. Off the field, Brady has a 4.0 GPA and 33 ACT score.

When did you start playing football and what did you first love about the game?

I’ve loved the game since I was a little kid and I always wanted to find a way to get into the game. I started off spring of my freshman year. I’ve always been a great kicker because of my soccer background, but I didn’t love the game of soccer. I love the game of football, so I just put the two together.

Who are some of your biggest motivators for playing the game of football?

My family. They’re always supporting me, whether it’s encouraging me to work on my craft to be the best I can be or cheering for me on game days.

How do you mentally prepare yourself to go out and take and make kicks?

Being a kicker it’s very much a mind game. I tune everything out and that best helps me to focus on doing my job and not making any mistakes.

What differentiates you from other kickers in the state of Louisiana?

I feel like other kickers try to go off by themselves and not talk to other players. I interact with my teammates, I participate in conditioning, and everything else just like I’m on offense or defense.

Tell me about your most memorable kick.

It has to be my first kick. Although it was an extra point, being able to run out on the field with my teammates and ultimately making the kick was a great feeling.

Which NFL kicker most resembles the way you try to model your kicking style?

Will Lutz. He’s good and consistent and when the Saints needs him he makes kicks. He’s also a great guy off the field. He’s great in the community so I try to be like him.

Many people don’t really pay as much attention to what goes into being a kicker. What would you say is the most challenging aspect of the position?

It has to be that you can’t play every down. You get 1 chance every now and then to go in and make a play. You’re expected to just make the play and have a small margin for error. You have four or five plays a game and are expected to perform.  

 How do you try to show leadership on and off the field?

On the field I’m a competitor. If another kicker makes it from a certain distance, I’ll try to go 2 yards behind that and beat them. Off the field, I’ll try to help other players in school.

After missing a kick, how do you keep yourself motivated in order to convert the next attempt?

Every kick is independent. You can’t change the past but can better the future. I try to always keep that in mind.

What goals have you set out to accomplish personally next season? Team Goals?

I want to not miss any kicks. Although that’s a tough task I try to reach for that so that way I know I’ll come close. As a team, we want to win district. It would be awesome to come out on top in the district and winning a state championship.

What lifelong lessons has the game instilled in you moving forward?

Team work and overcoming adversity. Always work together teammates. The long snapper, holder, and o-line all work together with me to make the kick. Overcoming missed kicks in rainy, windy games all show me that I can use those moments of adversity as lessons to become better.

What do you want to leave behind with teammates and coaches at the end of your high school career?

My school has a long history of legendary kickers and I want to be apart of that. I also want kickers after me to look at me as an inspiration on and off the field.