2025 ATH Desmond Beasley: Slidell, LA

Considering there are many impressive athletes currently have attending Salmen High School in Slidell, Louisiana, Desmond Beasley is definitely one to keep your eye on for the next couple of seasons. A great choice as our next diamond in the rough athlete, the 5’11, 175 pound speedy playmaker has the ability to play multiple positions on the field. Whether it is strong safety, running back, or wide receiver, Beasley possess the speed and skills to do whatever is needed of him. His 4.3 GPA is very showing on the field, as his IQ is another one of his many strengths. Beasley attended our Elite Camp, held at Northshore High School, and he was able to show his abilities to the coaches and fellow players out there. He runs track for the Spartans too, and qualified for state in the 4×2 and 400 meter dash. He also earned 1st Team All-District honors last season as a sophomore, and only looks to improve his play for the next two seasons to come.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, like where are you from and how old were you when you started playing football?

“I’m from Slidell, Louisiana, born and raised. I started playing football at the age of 5.”

Do you play any sports other than football or is it just strictly football for you?

“I run track at Salmen, and qualified for state in it.”

How would you describe a good teammate?

“A good teammate is someone who coaches someone up when they can, and can lead as a role model.”

Do you rather playing on the offensive side of the ball or do you rather play on the defensive side of things? And explain a little bit as to why if you can.

“I prefer to play defense, because whenever I’m able to make a play on the ball, get a tackle for loss, or even simply a tackle for a short gain it’s a rewarding feeling.”

What is the strongest part about your game?

“The strongest part of my game is most definitely my eyes. I see almost everything on the field and I am able to get to where the ball is going just based off my eyes.”

What is an area you think you could improve on?

“I think an area i can improve on is taking on blocks.”

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

“My goals for the upcoming season are to get a home playoff game, and bring back the district title to Salmen.”

How has the recruiting process been so far for you? Any offers? Or any interest from schools?

“I do have some interest from smaller schools D2 schools, and Louisiana Tech and Southeastern.”

Beat Writer Jace LeJeune interviewed Desmond at the Northshore Camp.

Why should a college recruit you or continue to do so?

“A college should pursue me because of my playmaking ability and the way I understand and know what the offense is going to do. I play situational football.”

Are there any college or pro players that you model your game after?

“A pro player I model off of is Troy Polamalu.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“My teammates would describe me as a hot head sometimes, but someone that had a strong passion for the game.”

How do you balance your school and football? Because I saw you had over a 4.0 GPA which must take hard work.

“When it comes to balancing school and football it comes a little easier for me than others, however I tend to have a better agenda that most high schoolers. I know what I have to do and when I have to do it.”

Do you have a role model or someone who has helped along your journey so far?

“My role model would most definitely be my father because of the adversity that he has faced in his life, he still found a way to guide me throughout my journey with football and life.”

How did you enjoy your time competing at our Northshore Camp?

“The camp at Northshore was enjoyable. I wish we could’ve gotten some 7v7 work because I play my best playing against a whole group of skill players.”