Belaire Bengals fall to Brusly Week 4

The intangibles continued to be the Belaire Bengal’s kryptonite in their 40-6 loss to Brusly High School. Penalties, turnovers, and mistakes were the difference in Brusly gaining momentum early in the game. The defense played a better game than the score will reflect, however, they got caught sleeping on a trick play and allowed Brusly to turn small plays into big gains, including 4 touchdowns of 30+ yards. The Bengals continued to be plagued by injuries and have had to play more than 1 quarterback over the course of the game for the 4th straight time this season. 

Below I have included a drive-by-drive analysis of the Belaire Bengals matchup against the Brusly Panthers. 

1st Half 

Offense 1 – Punt 

The Bengals started the game with the ball on their own 35. They were able to move the ball well on the ground to start the game but we’re forced to punt after an illegal procedure on 4th and short. 

Defense 1 – 67-Yard Touchdown

The following drive the Bengals allowed a 67-yard touchdown on a triple-option pitch. The Brusly Panthers take a 7-0 lead. 

Offense 2 – Blocked Punt 

The Bengals second drive started on their own 35 for the second drive in a row. They were immediately impeded by a 5-yard delay of game penalty that cause an upward battle resulting in another punt, this time it was blocked. 

Defense 2 – 30-Yard Touchdown 

The defense started their second drive on their own 30. On the first play, the Panthers ran a trick play resulting in a touchdown passing touchdown thrown by their running back. 

Offense 3 – Missed Field Goal

The Bengals were finally able to move the ball well in their 3rd drive, primarily on the ground with Senior RB #5, Javion Morgan. The drive ended in a missed field goal.

Defense 3 – Punt 

The Bengal’s defense finally got their first stop on their 3rd drive and got the ball back at mid-field. 

Offense 4 – TOUCHDOWN – 25 Yards 

Belaire was able to capture their first points of the game on a 25-Yard touchdown run. 

Defense 4 – Punt

The defense drove the Brusly back over 10 yards from their starting point and forced another Panthers punt. 

Offense 5 – Punt 

The Bengals final offensive drive of the first half was plagued by penalties resulting in a punt with :30 seconds remaining in the half. 

Defense 5 – 38-Yard Touchdown

38-Yard Passing Touchdown from Brusly to close out the first half with a 21-6 lead. 

2nd Half 

Defense 6 – Punt 

Started on the Belaire 49-Yard Line after a good Panther kick return. The Belaire defense held firm and forced a Brusly punt. 

Offense 6 – Punt 

Belaire started deep in their own territory, on the own 12-Yard line, and were forced to punt on 4th-and-1. 

Defense 7 – 38-Yard Touchdown 

Yet another drive started in their own territory, this time on their own 38. It only took 1 play for them to run the ball all 38 yards and a Panther touchdown. All 4 Brusly touchdowns have been 30+ Yards. The extra point was blocked and Brusly’s lead grows to 27-6. 

Offense 7- Turn Over on Downs  

The Bengal’s offense struggles to move the ball again and is forced to punt. The snap is bobbled on the punt and Belaire turns the ball over on their own 29-Yard line. 

Defense 8- Turn Over on Downs  

The Bengal’s defense was able to get a much need stop in a short-distance scenario to give the ball back to their offense. 

Offense 8- Fumble 

On the first play of the drive, the Bengals had a poor connection on a running back toss and gave the ball right back to Brusly. 

Defense 9 – 20-Yard Touchdown 

The Belaire defense was left in an unfortunate situation, starting their drive backed up to their own end zone and allowed a 20-Yard rushing Touchdown. 

Offense 9- Punt 

The offense continues to shoot themselves in foot with penalties. 

Defense 10- 50-Yard Touchdown Run 

Brusly leads Belaire 40-6 after a Missed PAT Attempt. 

Offense 10- Belaire Fumble

Defense 11- Punt 

The Bengals get a much-needed stop around midfield and force the Panthers to punt. 

Offense 11 – TOUCHDOWN! 

The Bengals open the drive with a 38-Yard Run from Javion Morgan. They capped the drive off with a goal-line touchdown run. 

Defense 12 – FUMBLE RECOVERY!! 

The Bengals get the ball back with under a minute remaining. 

Final: 40-6