March 27, 2023

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Diamond in the Rough: Marcus Clark

Marcus Clark is the type of running back who packs way more into his game than it would appear at first glance. He may only stand at 5’8”, but don’t underestimate this young man’s ability to run the football at a very efficient rate. He has helped carry the Kenner Discovery (Kenner, La) team to a 7-3 overall record and will appear in the playoffs at home this Friday against a 3-7 Archbishop Hannan (Covington, La) team. 

Marcus is not only a dynamic running back but also plays on the defensive side of the ball at free safety, and is also featured as a returner and special teams player. Regardless of the position on the field that he is put at, he will work to perfect it if it means it will give his team a better chance at winning football games and making a run at the 2022 State Championship. 

To view Marcus Clarks Highlights Visit the link Below!! 

Do you have any goals for the rest of 2022?  I plan on making a playoff of run.

What is your biggest strength as a football player? My biggest strengths are my physicality and speed.

What makes you different than every other recruit in the country? I am willing to work and I want to start now. 

What is an example of you overcoming adversity as an athlete? I faced adversity when my head coach and dline coach got fired and we had to finish the season with only 4 coaches.

If you had to compare yourself to a college or professional player, Who would it be? Why? I don’t think I would compare myself I don’t watch enough to know

What is something you are looking for in a college program during your recruitment? I would love to find a college that feels like home.

What’s your favorite football memory? My favorite memory would just be playing with my brothers.

What is something you would want college coaches to know about you? I want colleges to know my height doesn’t matter I’m ready to work.

Who is someone you look up to off the football field? I look up to my parents. 

What role do you play as a leader on the team? As a leader, I just make sure all my guys are focused and to keep the energy up at practice and games.

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