Parkview Baptist RB/FS Mason Warren Ready To Play a Big Role For The Eagles

A candidate to have a breakthrough campaign in the Baton Rouge area is Parkview Baptist High School 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren. This upcoming season, the Eagles are looking for a lot of production after the team lost two way star Micah Johnson, who is now playing at UL. Coach Stefan LeFors believes that Warren could be the guy that leads the way for the Eagles not only on offense, but on defense.

“Mason is everything that we want in a young man on the field and off the field. He’s consistent and he’s always where you need him to be. He’s dependable and as a coach, all we can ask them to do is to bring everything that we have and some guys may be more talented than others or stronger than others, but whatever your talents are, to bring them every single day in practice, and for Mason, he brings them everyday. That’s all we can ask from him. How he is as a young man and how he carries himself in practice, in the classroom, in the hallway when I see him, he always has a smile on his face, and I can just trust that Mason is going to do what we ask him to do. I am excited to see what Mason can do heading into his senior year.”

“Last year, he started off really well, kind of had a shoulder injury, fought through that, so this year, we are praying for a healthy senior season for him and excited to see what he can do both carrying the ball and defensively like you said, he is going to be a two-way guy for us and at times when we need him. He knows that this is his last year of high school football so we are going to add more to his plate and see what he can handle, but I won’t be surprised to see him take more this year.”

Parkview Baptist Head Coach Stefan LeFors

The two-way standout for the Eagles is ready to take on that load and prove himself as the guy for his senior season.

“I just have to keep working harder. I am ready to take on that role as the leader for the team, especially on defense.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

Despite being an offensive player and getting the opportunity to touch the football, it is the defensive side of the football that Warren draws himself to the most.

“I just like being in coverage, forcing turnovers, being the voice of the defense, and communicating with my teammates.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

Although he may enjoy playing defense more, Warren has the unselfishness to do whatever is best for the team as he is a standout running back as well that does a great job of running through tackles, catching the ball out of the backfield, and is also a player that prides himself of taking care of the football as he rarely fumbles the ball or puts the ball on the turf. The tough physical mindset on the defensive side of the football also translates to the offensive side of the football.

“When I am on defense, my experience playing running back helps me to read the offense more and vice versa. It makes it much easier as a two way player.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

Taking after his father Rance Warren, who played nose guard in Vicksburg, Mississippi and later played football for Southern, Warren has the love for the sport of football, especially on the defensive side of the football, but he is going to do whatever it takes to play at the next level and play the game that he has been playing since he was five years old. He is doing so by going to college camps and showing his talents to coaches.

“It’s been good. I’ve been going to a lot of camps around Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and South Carolina. I’ve really liked my visits to Gardner Webb, the University of North Carolina, Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, and Norfolk State. I just like the coaches over there. They have coached me and helped me in the best way possible. They put me in the best position to make plays.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren
Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren truly excels on the defensive side of the football and will be one of the Eagles’ best defenders in 2023. (Photo provided by Rance Warren)

Warren has not only taken the time to go to college camps, but he also went to our Gridiron Football Elite Camp at Woodlawn High School earlier this year and had a good outing where he was invited to play in the 2023 Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game at the end of the year.

“I am just happy that I can show my talent around the whole country not just in Louisiana, but to also show off to the coaches that I can play and how coachable that I am.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

Getting the invitation to the bowl game hopes to be a great springboard to success in the fall as Warren was on his way to a great junior season before a shoulder injury hampered him. Now, he is healthy and ready to show what he can do for a potential breakout senior season.

“Last year, I believe it was supposed to be my year, but then I got hurt. This year, I am very excited to be back playing. Hopefully, I stay injury free and I bring all I can to the table this year. I take turnovers, fumbles, and interceptions seriously. That is my main goal and that is to force turnovers on defense, making stops, and making big hits. Offensively, I want to just help them when I can and doing what I can to score touchdowns.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

Warren also wants to show that he can step up vocally as a leader on the field.

“I think I can be more vocal around the team and I think I can get stronger, faster, and perfect my technique.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

Right now, the 5’10, 180 pound two way player has some good numbers in the weight room as he can bench press 230 pounds, squat 405 pounds, power clean 225 pounds, and can jump a 31 1/2″ vertical, but Mason Warren wants college coaches to know that he will bring everything to the table not only physically, but everything else in between.

“Colleges should recruit a player like me because I can do what they ask of me to do. I am also coachable and I can make plays and I can help my teammates. I can help the team the best way that I can.”

Parkview Baptist 2024 RB/FS Mason Warren

For Warren, it starts off helping the Parkview Baptist Eagles the best way he can in 2023.