U-High Triumphs over Parkview in this 55-21 Outing

On Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, Parkview heads over to U-High’s field to play their last regular season game of the year. Both teams going into this game were 8-1 on a seven-game win streak. Parkview Eagles, coached by Stefan LeFors, were ranked, before this game, 12th per MaxPrep. On the other hand, U-High Cubs, coached by Andy Martin, were ranked 5th per MaxPrep. This game was always going to be the game to watch. With the final score being 55-21, the Cubs clinched the division 6-31 title for 2023.

This game started hot with both teams scoring quick touchdowns on their first drives of the game to make the score 7-7 halfway through the first. The Cubs would receive the ball after these scores. The run-heavy offense moved the ball downfield with ease ultimately ending in running back Riley Small’s 10-plus yard run for the score. The Eagles would not let this score stay 14-7 for long. On the second play of their drive, Abram Johnston makes a spectacular throw on the run to a wide-open Brock Comeaux who runs it in for a 64-yard touchdown tying up the game with the first quarter winding down. At this point, it was playing out to be a high-scoring affair.

The second quarter started the same way the first ended. With 11:17 left in the second quarter, 4-Star Keylan Moses runs through a defender to score 6. With the PAT being good U-High takes the lead 21-14. This would be the start of a trend of scoring for the Cubs. 4-Star quarterback Emile Picarella throws a deep perfect pass to Seth Gale for another touchdown. There would be one more touchdown by U-High before the half was over.

Name Correction: Quarterback Emile Picarella*

The second half started and U-High was not finished scoring. With six minutes left in the third, Keylan Moses scores another touchdown, this time on fourth and goal at their opponent’s one-yard line. This would make the score seem unreachable for a comeback for the Eagles with the score being 42-14. With time running out Parkview tried to air the ball out to get more big play potential. However, this caused Parkviews quarterback Abram Johnston to throw a pass while getting hit. This caused the ball to fly into the air right to a Cubs defender. This ball was picked off and ran back for a touchdown. On the PAT, the kick was blocked. Halfway through the third, the score was 48-14 U-High in the lead. The Cubs would have the ball one more time in this quarter. This drive would also end with a touchdown. Quarterback Emile Picarella would throw it to Seth Gale for another connection between the two and another 6 points. With the PAT being good. U-High score went up to 55 which is the last time they scored the rest of the game. The ending score was 55-14 U-High defeated Parkview to become division champions of 2023.

Name Correction: Quarterback Emile Picarella*

This was a great showing for U-High who stole the show with their dominant offensive performance. Running backs Keylan Moses, and Riley Small had fantastic days going through defenders, gaining yards after first contact. The other play that was working for this dynamic offense was the bubble screen. With a mixture of runs, read options, and bubble screens, the Cubs were able to move the ball downfield and score as many times as they did. Parkview on the other hand could not get anything going in offense after the end of the first quarter. The Cubs’ defense was shutting down everything the Eagles tried to put out there. Both of these teams’ seasons are not over. With playoffs coming around either one of these teams can make a push for the championship. Throughout the season we have seen greatness from either side. Both teams will be looking for a win in their first playoff game happening soon.