The Making of McKinley: Woodlawn-B.R.

In McKinley’s final week of the regular season, the make the trip out to Woodlawn-Baton Rouge for a Panther versus Panther matchup to close out the season. McKinley has been fighting hard every game to prove that this program can be revitalized. While standings may not show the greatest performances for this team, the consistent hard work by the players and the coaching staff proves that this is not the McKinley of old.

This week, McKinley will go in with a slight change for game prep. McKinley assistant coach Mike Todd will be handling the play calling duties to get the players ready for what is perceived to be a hard fought matchup against Woodlawn-B.R.

Weekly Standout: Royce Handy has been a bright spot for the Panthers since returning from injury and was in on, what seemed to be, every tackle for McKinley in last week’s game. He is looking to finish out his Senior year on a high note with a strong performance against the Woodlawn Panthers.

Game Time: at Woodlawn-B.R. at 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 5th