St. Amant Gators stay undefeated by defeating the Denham Springs Yellowjackets 14-7.

A hard-fought game between both teams but the St. Amant Gators ended up victorious against the Denham Springs Yellowjackets. On Friday the 13th, the Yellowjackets traveled to St. Amant to face off in their week seven matchup. The Yellowjackets were looking to end their two-game losing streak to stay at .500 while the Gators were looking to stay undefeated and improve to 7-0. The main story of the game was the miss opportunities by both teams. The game started with the Gators scoring first.

After the score by the Gators the Yellowjackets tried to comeback with a score of their own, but the drive ended up stalling. While the Yellowjackets were driving down the field the Gators manage to force a turnover by striping the ball. Off the turnover by the Yellowjackets, there was almost a costly turnover by the Gators. After a long discussion by the officials, they ruled the following play an incomplete pass and no fumble, so the Gators were able to maintain possession for a third down.

Missed opportunities by both teams going into halftime. With 5:30 left on the clock the Gators were looking to up their lead going into halftime. The Gators were putting a promising drive together, but it was ultimately ended by the red-zone interception. Off the red-zone interception the Yellowjackets were looking to put points on the board before going into halftime. Looking to make the game closer, the drive by the Yellowjackets was ended by a big third down stop by the Gators defense. Both teams had a chance to put points on the board but the drives they were putting together eventually stalled out before going into halftime.

Each team came out strong defensively by tightening up and making the proper adjustments. Nothing was going for both teams coming out the half offensively. Both teams had multiple promising drives that eventually stalled out with either penalties or missed opportunities. The only points in the third quarter were off a bad snap on a punt that was recovered by the Gators in the end zone for a touchdown. Each team had a chance to capitalize and put points on the board. Both teams struggled to sustain successful drives with the only points in the quarter coming off the bad snap from the Yellowjackets special teams. Going into the fourth quarter the Yellowjackets looked to mount a comeback.

The Yellowjackets make up for the missed field goal by scoring a touchdown later in the fourth quarter off a bad snap to shorten the lead to seven. The Yellowjackets were putting together a successful drive with hopes of shorting the 14-0 hole they were in, but they had to settle for a field goal that was missed by their kicker. Off the missed kick the Gators were looking to go up three scores but once again missed opportunities came along with their drive stalling out giving the Yellowjackets hope. Looking to shorten the 14-0 deficit, the Yellowjackets found the end zone for the first time in the game off a bad snap that turned into a passing touchdown by the Yellowjackets Quarterback.

With three minutes left in the game the Yellowjackets had a chance to tie up the game, but the drive came to halt with a drive killing turnover. Off the turnover the Gators looked to put the game away with a field goal to increase their lead to ten, but the kick was no good giving hope and life to the Yellowjackets with a minute to go in the game. The Yellowjackets game tying drive fell short by great defense by the Gators and crucial drops and missed opportunities by the Yellowjackets. Eventually the missed opportunities and turnovers came back to haunt the Yellowjackets while the St. Amant Gators were able to keep their undefeated streak alive and improve to 7-0.