August 19, 2022
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Scotlandville’s hard-fought win against the Walker High Wildcats

On a very gloomy Friday night, the Scotlandville Magnet High School Hornets were scheduled to face the Walker High School Wildcats at home. The stands on the Hornets’ side were understandably large and cheerful due to the fact that this particular game was their Senior Night.

The Hornets started off playing energetically with two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Wildcats were doing their best to hold off Scotlandville’s striking offense all the while making plays on the offensive side of the ball as well. Two-sport, 4-star senior wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. Brian came up with the first touchdown for the Wildcats in the first quarter followed by a successful two-point conversion ran in by Rayshawn Simmons, junior running back.

The momentum was high and both teams were starting to get into their groove when it began to rain heavily. This resulted in an hour and a half rain delay at the end of the second quarter due to frequent lightning and thunder. Despite a good amount of the crowd leaving due to the bad weather and a somewhat slow start to the game, both teams came back out with their minds focused on winning. Both, Jeremiah Johnson and Mike Brown had picks during the second half and towards the halfway mark of the third quarter, the Hornets were able to recover a fumble to add to their electrifying performance.

There were some notable plays by senior running back Trevor Matherne, but the Wildcats’ attempt to slow the Hornets down fell short and Scotlandville was able to come out with a 54-15 win.

Catch for touchdown by senior wide receiver, Reggie King

The Hornets have an incredible amount of talent on their team on both sides of the ball. Michigan State commit, Jah’von Grigsby (DB) had a good game and did a satisfactory job of covering pass receivers. Another player to look out for is sophomore running back, Covanta Milligan. Milligan had a remarkable game and finished with two touchdowns: one at the end of the second quarter and the final touchdown for the Hornets. After the game, I was able to get a few words from Covanta:

“How did you feel about your performance tonight?”

“I think I did well. It’s all about opportunity. Coach gave me the opportunity and I feel like I succeeded. He gives a lot of people opportunities to do your best and execute.”

“Are there any stats you’re looking to chase?”

“I just want to be the best running back to leave out of Scotlandville.”

“What do you think your team can improve on as a unit?”

“It’s district time and it’s all about being more physical. Firing off the ball and just playing our best.”

Despite the unwarranted conditions of the game, both teams did a remarkable job of persevering through the circumstances of the game.

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