August 14, 2022
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Scotlandville keeps their undefeated title with a victory over the Zachary Broncos

The Zachary Broncos and Scotlandville Hornets were scheduled to play the afternoon of Saturday, November 7, 2020. The two teams met in A.W. Mumford Stadium in Baton Rouge, LA with plenty of eager fans on both sides.

There was a slow start to the game with neither teams scoring in the first quarter. The momentum began to pick up during the second quarter with Zachary’s offense dominating. Sophomore quarterback Eli Holstein, showed true athleticism and a substantial understanding of the game. He’s adaptive and disperses the ball well. One of the most notable players from the game today is junior running back, Connor Wisham. He was more than able to brisk through Scotlandville’s defenders and continues to perform well for the Broncos each and every week. Towards the end of the second, senior running back, Rodrick Duhe Jr made an interception that fueled the Broncos even more. However, neither team was able to score during the first half.

With the stands filled and crowds roaring on both sides, the Hornets and Broncos went into the first half with a victory in mind. The game picked up quickly and the Hornets defense took advantage of the opportunity. The Broncos made it down the one-yard line and Jeremiah Jackson, junior cornerback intercepted the ball with ease. Despite the interception, the Hornets weren’t able to gain any yardage which resulted in the ball being turned back over to Zachary. About halfway into the third, Wisham ran in for a touchdown, however, they weren’t able to get the kick. Their celebration didn’t last long because John Hubbard, wide receiver for the Hornets tied up the game with about four minutes left in the quarter. The Broncos retaliated and Holstein scored with a quarterback sneak. Zachary went for a two-point conversion, but the Hornets’ defense was able to hold off the Broncos and stopped them from getting the extra points.

It was 12-6 with the Broncos up at the beginning of the fourth. Scotlandville’s offense was great at moving the ball down the field and protecting their quarterback. Some notable plays were run by junior running backs, Marlon Gunn Jr and Chance “Deuce” Williams. Chance played a significant role in the Hornets’ offense throughout the entire game and contributed greatly to the drive that led Scotlandville to their final touchdown. He continually runs through his opponents and plays with excitement and boldness. Junior wide receiver, Marlon Thomas scored the final touchdown of the night and the kick was good, leaving Scotlandville with a one-point lead over the Broncos. Quarterback, Czavain Teasett took a knee which lead to Scotlandville’s victory 13-12 over Zachary in their Saturday afternoon conference game.

Scotlandville High School sophomore quarterback, Czavain Teasett taking a knee, ending the game against the Zachary High School Broncos

I was able to get a few words from junior running back Chance Williams at the end of the game.

How do you feel about your performance this game?

I just feel like we had to do a team job. It’s not about just one player. I had to sacrifice my body for my whole team. I had to get the win. Scotlandville, we needed this. This is going to bring the whole community back for us.

You had an amazing game with 35+ yard runs. what goes through your head when things like that happen?

I just thank God, I have to get the dub.

What are some things you want to work on going into next weeks game?

I just have to work on getting through the holes, my breaks as DB, and being a leader. My team needs me, I’m a leader of this team.

Next week, the Scotlandville Hornets will continue their undefeated season and play against the Live Oak Eagles and Zachary will face the Central High School Wildcats.

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