School Spotlight: West Harrison High School (Gulfport, MS)

West Harrison High School is a class 6a high school located in Gulfport, Mississippi. Unlike most of the other School Spotlights, West Harrison High School is a much newer program with less history. The school was founded in 2008 and immediately thrown into class 5a due to the enrollment size of the school. When it comes to football, West Harrison High School has not had success in the past. This school has yet to win a district championship, or state championship in the young program’s history. In 2018, West Harrison High School searched and found a head coach who plans on changing the trajectory of the program. While something of this magnitude takes time to make a lasting impact, Head Coach Quincy Patrick plans on establishing the winning way. The 2022 season ended up the best in program’s history, as well as their first winning season.

Coach Quincy Patrick started at Pearl River High School in 2008. Two years into his eight year stint at Pearl River High School, Coach Patrick met his mentor Coach Eric Collins. Coach Collins took the head coaching job at D’Iberville High School in 2015 and Coach Patrick stayed with him as offensive coordinator. After a successful stint at D’Iberville, Coach Patrick was offered the head coaching job at West Harrison in the summer of 2018.

Since Coach Patrick took the job in the summer, he did not have time to go out and find the exact staff he wanted, so no changes were made in the first season. Now, all the coaches on the staff at West Harrison have been picked by Coach Patrick. One key piece to this coaching staff is John Brown, the defensive coordinator.

One way we plan on sustaining our success is through the support of ALL the coaches on campus at West Harrison High School. By all the coaches, I mean we have the support of the soccer coach, basketball coach, baseball coach, tennis, and band – vice versa we support all of them, and we all have the support of our administration.

Head Coach Quincy Patrick

The Hurricanes believe in the work they put in during the offseason. Strength and conditioning is something that Coach Patrick stresses to his players. “The offseason is where games are won and lost,” said Patrick. As his players hit the weights in the offseason, Coach Patrick was able to discuss some of the talent he plans on showcasing this upcoming season:

Athlete no. 1, Torrance Skidmore is listed at 6’2″ 190 pounds. This 2024 two-sport star has gained attention from division one universities due to his talents on the football field. Skidmore saw the majority of his playing time as a defensive back for the Hurricanes last season, putting up an impressive 60+ tackles, 8+ pass break-ups, 3 interceptions, and 2 defensive touchdowns. Coach Patrick expects Skidmore to lead his defensive crew with another impressive year next season.

No. 1 ATH – Torrance Skidmore

Running back no. 45, Jordan Stapleton is listed at 5’8″ 180 pounds. Stapleton was an unexpected contributor for the Hurricanes last season. He played as a freshman last season in five games, but averaged 11 yards a carry. Stapleton is expected to have a larger role in the offense for the Hurricanes next season.

No. 45 RB – Jordan Stapleton

Hayden Paige is a returning starter on the offensive line for the Hurricanes. Paige is listed at 6’0″ 260 pounds. West Harrison runs a Wing-T offense, because of that the offensive line is a key factor to the success of the offense. Paige is a massive contributor on the line for the Canes, he comes out in the class of 2024.

No. 78 OT – Hayden Paige

Joshua Lane is a linebacker at West Harrison High School. Lane is listed at 5’10” in the class of 2025. Lane was a top 3 tackler on the Hurricanes for 2022. Coach Patrick believes Lane has an incredibly high ceiling and expects him to have a big impact in 2023.

No. 35 LB – Joshua Lane

Upcoming sophomore Jazear Carter is listed at 6’0″ in the class of 2026. Carter is a defensive end that Coach Patrick believes is a next level talent. Over the next few years, keep an eye on what this defensive player can do on the field for West Harrison High School.

(photo courtesy of Biloxi Sun Herald)

West Harrison High School plans on establishing themselves amongst the best in Mississippi. This program is lead by a young, exciting head coach that envisions success for his team and players. Coach Patrick knows that the stakes are high this season as the Hurricanes move up to class 6a. Due to recent success, he also realizes that his team will not be overlooked anymore. West Harrison High School is worth keeping an eye on in 2023, as the Hurricanes have talent stemming from everywhere on the field.