School Spotlight: Althoff Catholic

Althoff Catholic is a 1A division high school located in Belleville, IL about 25 minutes from St.Louis. Established in 1964, this school has been a longstanding institution, diligently serving the community of Belleville for an extended period. Althoff Catholic football program recently concluded an impressive run, reaching the quarterfinals last season. Unfortunately, their journey came to an end with a defeat against Camp Point Central, the final score being 42-22.

At the heading of the Althoff Catholic football team stands the accomplished and committed Head Coach, Austin Frazier. Boasting a coaching career that spans over 15 years, Frazier brings a profound wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. His leadership has been particularly impactful during his four-year tenure as the Head Coach for Althoff, where he has played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s strategic approach and instilling a culture of excellence both on and off the field. Coach Frazier’s dedication to fostering a winning mentality and cultivating a positive team environment has undoubtedly contributed to the continued success of the Althoff Catholic football program.

Hey coach I see you guys had a great season last year and you lost on the quarter finals to the state champs. How do you guys attack the off season after having a good run last season to get better?

“Yeah, I think we learned a lot last season about the importance of the details and addressing the little fundamental things that show up big on game day. We tried to replicate that process and attention to detail in our weight program this off-season.”

Who are some guys that we should be looking at to help lead this team when the season starts?

“We have a lot of guys returning with experience and great production, so that’s a long list.

RB – Dierre Hill Jr – An electrifying player he dominates on both offense and defense. As a running back, he amassed an impressive 1788 rushing yards on 131 carries, scoring 25 touchdowns. Defensively, he intercepted three passes, returning two for touchdowns. His exceptional performances earned him the Gatorade Player of the Year for Illinois.

DL – Jason Dowell– A game wrecker for opposing teams, his dominance on the line with an impressive tally of 11 sacks and 83 tackles. His disruptive presence undoubtedly posed a significant challenge for opponents throughout the season.

WR/DB – Charleston Coldon– As the leading wide receiver for the team last season, he made a substantial impact by catching 41 passes for 870 yards and securing an impressive 14 touchdowns. His consistent performance played a crucial role in the team’s success.

OL – Cam Golden- As the center, Cam strives to dominate his opponents, evident in his highlights where he consistently pancakes anyone in his path. His tenacity and physicality contributes to a formidable presence along the offensive line.

OL – Patton Leib– Shows a physical presence along the offensive linemen that helps anchor the line down in creating gaps for the run game.

WR – Kylin Jordan– showcases his versatility by contributing on both offense and defense for the team. Concluding the season with 15 receptions, he amassed a total of 161 yards and secured one touchdown, underscoring his impact on the field on both sides of the ball.

LB/TE – Cooper Zimmer– As a tight end, he showcased his receiving skills with 4 receptions for 104 yards with 1 touchdown. On the defensive front as a linebacker, he demonstrated his prowess with 66 tackles, 2 interceptions, and two fumble recoveries, highlighting his impact on both sides of the field.

QB – Jayden Ellington– Despite being the youngest on the team as a freshman, Jayden showcased remarkable skill by throwing for 1,584 yards and 17 touchdowns. With 142 attempts and an impressive completion rate of 71.1% (104 completions), he played a pivotal role in leading his team to the playoffs, displaying a level of talent and maturity beyond his years.

LB – Stephen Ache – Displaying his impact linebacker, recorded 55 tackles, 1 sack, and a fumble recovery, highlighting his valuable defensive skills for the team.

LB – Asher Peterson- Playing at linebacker, demonstrated his defensive prowess by posting impressive stats, including 62 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 fumble recovery. Solidifying his impact on the team’s defensive efforts.

There are others I could mention…going to be a great group and look forward to getting into summer work.”

Observing that a freshman, Jayden, took on the starting quarterback , how did your team and coaching staff manage the challenge of ensuring that the young player wasn’t burdened with excessive pressure to succeed?

“He did a great job for us…progressively throughout the year we threw more and more on his plate and he excelled – the sky is the limit for a kid with his work ethic and continued progression at the position. We couldn’t be more excited about what he will bring to the table next year.”

What key principles or values does your football program emphasize to instill in your players?

“Brotherhood and Community first and foremost – this allows us to be accountable to each other and know that our team success translates to individual success.”