January 25, 2022
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Rosepine (5-0) Wins Big at North Central (1-4) High School


Thursday night in the back country of Louisiana the lights were on in the small village of Labeau. Rosepine was in town and the stage was set for a showdown. As you may recall, these two teams met in Rosepine last year and following the game, many claims were made and the town of Rosepine made National news. After all the smoke had settled, it was learned that the claims against the Rosepine Eagles were found to be misrepresentations of the truth. This year these two teams met at the 50 yard line, not to bring up the past, but to play in the now with no animosity to be shown.


SR RB Seth Shirley

From the beginning of the game, Rosepine played like as if they did not want to make that long road trip hoke with a loss. SR QB Seth Ducote lead the offence with 6 total TDs (2 passing, 4 rushing) and over 200 rushing yards. Seth Had a 70 yard and 15 yard passing TDs this eveing. Last weeks BSN Player Of The Week SR RB Seth Shirley( 44 carries, 210 rushing yards, 4 TDs) had a big play in the third qtr with a 15 yard catch for a TD. SR DB Kaleb Clause had a big hit in the third qtr and a forced fumble to give the Eagles the nail.

North Central’s lone TD was scored on a 2 yards run by Kaleb Smith after a good drive.

SR QB Seth Ducote

After the dust settled from a great match on the gridiron, the Eagles came out the victor by a score of 44-6 over the ‘Canes.

Next week (1-5) North Central will travel to  Slaughter Community Charter and the (5-0) Rosepine Eagles will return home to play Vinton High.

Hope to see you next time while I continue to travel around this great state while looking for the next Diamond In The Rough.



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