Rising Star, WR Montrevelle Lewis, Rusheon Middle School (Bossier City, LA)

Montrevelle Lewis is a 13 year old that recently participated in the 2023 Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game for Junior High. He is in the 8th grade listed at a height of 5’9. Lewis finished the game with 2 receptions with 22 total yards. Montrevelle is a guy who has the ability to play offense and defense while also possessing the ability to throw the ball.

What or who got you to start playing football?

” My mama she told “me try it “and since then I feel in love with it.

How long have you been playing football?

” I have been playing for 7 years now. “

What positions do you play?

“I play Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and Safety.”

What NFL player do you like watching?

” I enjoy watching Lamar Jackson play. “

What is the most challenging aspect of football of football to you?

” One thing for me is playing for an ineffective coach.”

What is a strength that you have in your game?

” My mind is very strong and I know how to remain calm during the game.”

What is something you’re working on to improve your game?

” Right now I am working on getting faster as a player.”

What are your current football goals?

” To score 4 touchdown with no interceptions and to have 13 tackles in a game.”

What’s your dream schools?

” My current one is LSU. “

What’s your favorite activity outside of football?

” Outside of football I enjoy working out and playing basketball.”

What is something you would say that football has taught you?

” It has taught me that to never doubt myself or abilities. “