DITR: LB Kaiden Clegg, Ouachita Parish High School (Monroe, LA)

Kaiden Clegg is a class of 2027 prospect with great field vision and game altering run-stopping ability. He has impressive size for a freshman, measuring in at 5’8, 190 pounds; with good development, Clegg could become a highly sought after recruit.

Clegg plays well on defense. He has great field vision, allowing him to work past and through blockers, and good play recognition, keeping him a step ahead. He has experience on special teams as a blocker and defender, playing well in both roles. Clegg also works well as a pass-rusher, knowing where the open lanes are and adequately adjusting to attack. He demonstrates a good understanding of speed-to-power, and uses it to lay big hits and prevent yards after contact.

Clegg is a hard hitting run-stopper, who can get after the quarterback when asked. As a middle linebacker, Clegg has to direct the defense- and he does just that. His vision through blocks is great, and when he meets the defender, he drives them back with force. His play diagnosis is above-average; the first play on his film is a great example of this. Clegg showed patience as he waited for his defensive end to seal the left side, then exploded into the backfield for a strong tackle for loss. He’s a secure tackler too; as the ball carrier tried to lower his shoulder, Clegg got lower to force him and his blocker back.

Clegg shows prowess as a special teamer too. The same violence he brings in his hits, he transitions to his blocks. He’s equally disruptive when defending kickoffs, punishing potential blockers and creating lanes for his defense to get to the returner

Below is a QnA between Clegg and myself:

What is a strength you have in the game?

A strength I have in the game is being able to read the play to ensure I make the tackle and shed blocks

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

An interesting fact about me outside of football is I enjoy being a big brother and mentoring my younger siblings

What’s something you’re working to improve?

I’m working to improve my 40 speed as well as covering tight ends and wide receivers

What’s your GPA?

I have a 3.0 GPA

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

I compare myself to Marshawn Lynch. He’s one of my favorite players because of his toughness and drive to run hard on the field. Watching Marshawn Lynch during his career in football has motivated and molded me into the beat I am today. Like myself, Marshawn is also a twin- I have a twin sister.

What is your dream school to play for in college?

My dream school is Louisiana State University. Geaux Tigers!