Rising Star, WR/DB Troy Ramos, Southeast Middle School (Baton Rouge, LA)

Troy Ramos is a 5’1, 115lb. WR/DB who is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attends Southeast Middle School. He also participated in the 2023 Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game for Junior High. Troy is a very amazing student in the classroom with a 3.3 GPA and a very talented player on both ends of the field. Troy has been playing football for 3 years and throughout his career, he has averaged 280 rushing yards and 40 passing yards on offense and averaged 2 interceptions, 1 sack, 1 pick six, 26 tackles, and 6 touchdowns on the defensive side.

What are some things you have overcome in life?

Something that I have overcame in life is moving from my home state Florida and having to leave some of the best friends I would ever have as well as family and overall a lot of memories but everything was different, the aesthetic was different, the people, food, places, and much more but it was also lot to process for a 9 year old but I would say that I have and still am doing good in Louisiana.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

My biggest accomplishments at this time is just making it this far because, with my size I have always been looked down on and targeted when playing football and especially in middle school ball but I’ve always showed out and I always walk in and out a game with pride and never let any coach, player, or even anyone in the stands make me think different.

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

If I had to compare myself to a player I would say I am similar to Chris Olave because even though he had a rough rookie season, one thing about him is that no matter how hard he gets hit or no matter how much people will hate, he would always get back up and keep going because I feel like he has enough pride in himself to just leave it in the past and move on and I think he’s also very dynamic with everything and his route runs are similar to mine as well as his catching.

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

Something I would like to do after football if I go to college and the NFL and make a big impact, I would like to start my own sports clothing brand as well as joining or making a business similar to Gridiron football to get kids that may not have the best exposure and bringing them out there and just give the young athletes a game and practices that they can learn from.

What do you like about the sport of football and how is it significant to you?

What I like about football is that it’s just a fun game and it’s always been around me and that surprisingly you make a lot of friends. What’s significant to me about football is that you can actually have a career with doing something you actually like.

What did it mean to be able and play in the Gridiron Bowl game?

What it meant to me to play in the Gridiron football Bowl game was a lot because being exposed to a highly talented group of players who share similar passions and goals like mines and learning not from the coaches but from the other players and getting to know players that I’ve played in my regular season as well as getting their point of view on everything. I also liked playing in the bowl game because it gives you exposure to high school but I would love to attend anything else Gridiron has.

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

An interesting fact about me outside of football is that I did tae kwon do and it really helped with my stamina and my leg and core strength as well as making me more disciplined and I have also won 1st in the World Championship with sparing in San Antonio, Texas. I plan to continue taekwondo since I had to take a break because of football and work my way to a black belt since I’m currently at a brown belt.

What is your dream school to play for in college?

My dream school to play for in college would be LSU but I would also want to go somewhere where I can leave a trace behind and somewhere I can really show how good I am.