Rising Star, LB Stratton Cain, Catholic Pointe Coupee (Pointe Coupee, LA)

Stratton Cain is a 13-year-old seventh grader who is listed 5’9, 130lb linebacker who also has a 4.0 GPA, and who participated in the 2023 Gridiron All-American Bowl game for Junior High. During this bowl game, he recorded 4 total tackles. Stratton can move from each linebacker position due to his ability to read the field well.

What challenges have you overcome in life and how did you get past them?

“My fear of not being good enough and not doing things perfectly”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

“Taysom Hill because I will and can play anywherethe coach needs me. I want to be a true football player not just a one position player.”

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

“I want to go to the medical school and an interventional radioglogist.”

What do you like about the sport of football?

“I like the fact I have friends that I never would have friends without football. I also like that football tests you both mental and physicaly.”

What did it mean to be able and play in the Gridiron football Bowl game?

“It meant my hard work is paying off and that someone noticed all the time I have put into becoming a better player.”

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

“I represent my school on the quiz bowl team.”

What is your dream school to play for in college?

“Ole Miss or TCU”

What are your current football goals?

“Start as an 8th grader at Catholic High Baton Rouge”

What’s something you’re working to improve?

“Pass coverage”

What is a strength you have in the game?

“Level headed, able to see the field, and understand the game”

What’s your favorite activity outside of football?

“Snow/water sking, and riding dirt bikes”

What’s something football taught you?

“How to be a leader both on and off the field”