DITR: WR Tylan Haynes, Denham Springs (Denham Springs, Louisiana)

Tylan Haynes is an exceptionally talented athlete with a promising future in football. His height, speed, agility, and hands make him a dynamic player on the field. His ability to confuse defenders with his footwork and create separation speaks to his skill as a route runner. Additionally, his ability to make big plays in open space demonstrates his versatility and elusiveness. Moreover, his willingness and ability to block for his teammates highlight his commitment to the team and his all-around capability as a player. With such a complete skill set and noticeable dedication to the sport, it’s no surprise that Tylan is expected to make a significant impact in the upcoming year and beyond. It’ll be exciting to see how Tylan’s football journey unfolds and how he continues to develop and showcase his talents on the field.

What are some things you have overcome in life?

“Things I have overcome in life are the challenges that I have face everyday, the grind and the death of my grandpa.”

What are your biggest accomplishments?

“My biggest accomplishments are being a freak in the weight hitting 225 on powerclean, and being able to be a starting wideout in 5A Football.”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

“I compare myself to Ceedee Lamb, I have big strong hands , when my number is called I get the job done just like Ceedee, and he can play slot and outside as well as me.”

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

“My plans once i’m done with football is to be able to start my own training program, where young athletes and athletes could come get some good work in and help their game.”

What are some goals you have for yourself, and your team next season?

“Some goals I have for myself is to make 1st team state, 1st district and all parish. Goals I have for my team is to get back to the normal denham springs, make playoffs and win a state championship.”

What do you like about the sport of football and how is it significant to you?

“I just love game of football, I enjoy every aspect of the game & it is significant to me because it’s something i’ve been doing and fell in love with and also playing football has made me a better student and person.”

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

“An interesting fact about me is that I love playing golf.”

what is your dream school?

“Ohio State University”

what position do you enjoy playing the most and why?

“The position I enjoy playing most is wide receiver because you could be physical with dbs & also get to take their ankles.

What are some ways your coaches have helped you?

“There’s many ways my coaches have helped me, on and off the field. Anything comes up that I can’t handle my coaches have it, I know that my coaches believe in me and will also have my back.