Rising Star: Isaac Jackson

Isaac Jackson receiving his All-American Jr. Game Jersey (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

Isaac Jackson is a talented Wide Receiver/Cornerback from Woodlawn Middle School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Isaac is a 5’11 1/2 160lb 8th grader who participated recently in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American Game.

Here is Isaac Jackson’s Interview with me.

1. When did you start playing football?

I started playing football at 9 years old.

2. What are your favorite things to do outside of school?

Everything, I like to workout and hangout with friends.

3. Do you have a favorite NCAA/NFL player to watch and why?

Justin Fields, the way he throws the ball around.

4. Do you have a favorite football moment in your young career?

It was a playoff game against the bulldogs to go to the championship, and I caught the winning touchdown.

5. Who pushes you to be better through your football journey?

My Brothers (Siblings).

6. Do you have a favorite route and why?

My favorite is a go route, I can go up and catch the ball.

7. Do you prefer playing on the offensive or defensive side of the ball more and why?

I’d rather play on the offensive side because I know I am good at locating the ball in the air, running routes, and scoring.

8. What part of the country would you like to play college football in?

I would love to play close to home.

9. How do you succeed as a teammate?

I am good at picking up my teammates when losing, we’re going to keep playing until that clock hits zero.

10. Do you have a certain every gameday ritual?

First, I always have to pray, thank God to look over me, and to let us win this game.

11. What is your favorite time of day to play in?

I love to play at night.

12. How would you describe yourself on the football field?

I’m the “King on the Field”.