Plaquemine vs. Dutchtown scrimmage

It started as a gloomy evening in the Andre Canova Green Devil Stadium. The fans were full of pride and spirit, despite the current restrictions caused by COVID-19. Both crowds were still pumped for some football.  

Dutchtown has a strong defense, they’re great at attacking. It seems like every play at least one player was making a big tackle. Tanner Vadnais, who is in the class of 2022, had huge tackles and interceptions throughout the scrimmage. Derrick Youngblood, a senior wide receiver, made the first and only touchdown of the game in the 2nd quarter. We also took notice of Christian Donnelly, a senior kicker who is consistent in delivering high and powerful kicks. The Griffins’ defense and aggression will get them far.  

First and only touchdown of the scrimmage, completed by Derrick Youngblood. Video captured by Dakayla Washington of Louisiana Gridiron Football.

Plaquemine’s quarterback, Akim Lanieux, was very efficient at throwing. Their receivers always found a way to get open as they were lean and fast athletes. Roy Cordova, a senior middle linebacker, is a playmaker who made great tackles and finished hard through every play.  

Based on tonight’s scrimmage, any opponent of either Plaquemine or Dutchtown will have to play hard. Each game will come down to who has the ball last. Both of their seasons look very promising once they iron out their pre-season kinks. 

We spoke to Tanner Vadnais of Dutchtown after his impressive performance on the field.   

“So you had a lot of great plays, interceptions, and hard tackles. How do you feel like this season will be for Dutchtown and what would you tell people to look out for?”  

“Just come out to the games, come watch how we work! We have an amazing runningback, and just a bunch of guys who will make big plays every game.”  

“Is there a specific game this year you want Dutchtown fans and even outsiders to be hype about?”  

“Every game will be hype, that’s what we go by!”  

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