Jesuit Blue Jays Defeated St. Augustine Purple Knights 13-6

In this low-scoring game, Jesuit came out as the victor. This game was very quiet for the most part. Most of the drives ended in punts or turnovers on downs. It wasn’t until the second quarter when the first touchdown was scored. Quarterback for Jesuit, Beau Perez, ran in a five-yard touchdown, taking the QB draw for six. With the PAT being successful the Blue Jay went up 7-0 to the Purple Knights. This is how the score remained for half-time.

During the second half, the score didn’t change all too much. Jesuit kicker, Ethan Carbos, hit 2 of his 2 field goals to make the score of the game 13-0 in the fourth quarter. St. Augustine finally responded with a touchdown pass from Dawson Simmons to Joshua Jackson to put their first points on the board with a minute left in the game. The PAT was blocked however making the score 13-6 to end the game.

Overall the game was held to defensive play and penalties. While most drives ended in a punt or a turnover on downs, a ton of penalties were thrown. This is especially true for the Purple Knights. It seemed like every time they had a good drive going or a fantastic play happening, penalties would always be thrown and kill the drive. On the other side of the field, Jesuit ran a huge run-heavy offense that St. Augustine was not letting up any room for big plays. There was one snap by St. Augustine that was wild and turned into the only turnover of the game. Both teams will try to improve their game for next week to help them secure another victory.