January 30, 2023

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Gridiron Top 300: Siale Esera 

Saile Esera is a 4⭐️ Defensive End/ Linebacker out of Timpview High School in Provo, Utah. He is the #4 overall prospect out of Utah in the class of 2023 according to 247 sports composite. The 6”3’ 250-Pound prospect chose BYU over schools like Colorado, California-Berkley, and Arizona. 

Siale is an extremely versatile prospect and can be used in multiple aspects of the defense. He is very mobile for his size and can cover the flats well in outside zone runs or pass coverage. He uses his hips extremely well to dictate blocks and react to his reads in an efficient manner. When rushing the passer, Esera has a plethora of tactics. He can use his size to push tackles back but also possess the flexibility and mobility to get around or under blockers. He finishes his rushes with very clean shots on quarterbacks and rarely comes in for tackles unbalanced behind the line of scrimmage.  He is athletic enough to play a true outside linebacker position and is also big and strong enough to play anywhere on the defensive line.

Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/profile/13406382/Siale-Tuiteelagi-Esera

Do you have any goals for the rest of the 2022 season? 

State Championship!! Everything will fall into place as long we take care of business! Also, I want to help the younger guys develop to build our tradition at Timpview.”

What inspires or motivates you to play football? 

“I love the game, it’s the ultimate team sport! I love to compete especially at the highest love. My family and faith inspire me!! That’s what it’s all about!”

What is your biggest strength as a football player? 

“It’s the combination of a few things… my hard-nosed blue-collar work ethic I get from my Mom!! My size, strength, and speed! I feel like I possess a unique skill set that sets me apart from most!”

How are you looking to improve your game going forward?

“Learning and continuing to expand my knowledge of the game not just from an LB’s perspective but having a good understanding of the game! I think it comes from experience and seeing different situations and living in the film room!”

What role do you play as a leader on the team? 

“I was fortunate to be voted by my peers to be one of the team captains.  I try my best to be more vocal and lead by example. I used to be the young guy now they look up to us as seniors and it’s our job to help lead them by being a good example on and off the field!”

What is your proudest Football Moment? 

“Not sure I’ve achieved it yet… I’m still in the hunt for a state title! Individually, maybe getting my first D1 offer and winning national competition MVPs for Rivals, Under armor, and ESPN 360!”

 If you had to compare yourself to a college of a professional player, Who would it be? 

“Probably my cousins Keenan Pili and Noah Sewell! They’re big like me but move well in space and are light on their feet but are vicious in their pursuit and the way attack the ball!! I’m blessed to call them family!!”

What is an example of you overcoming adversity as an athlete? 

“I played with an injury my entire Junior season that required me to have surgery right after the season! I couldn’t do anything.. workout or run! It was the hardest thing not only to endure but then having to work my way back into shape!!”

Why did you choose BYU? 

“Honestly, to be close to my Mom and family! She’s my best friend and I can’t imagine her having to fly to see me play or stay in a hotel in a different city! Also, Coach Sitake is the ultimate players’ coach and we have a great relationship! He’s taking BYU to a whole new level and I’m excited and blessed to be a part of it!”

What is something you would want college coaches (especially BYU) to know about you?

 “I’m a super hard worker and will do whatever it takes to help the program! For those coaches from other schools who didn’t believe in me… I can’t wait to see you on Saturday.”

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