Gridiron Football’s Diamond In The Rough: Dashawn Clark

Dashawn Clark is an All-District Offensive Lineman out of Kenner Discovery High School in Kenner, Louisiana. Clark is listed at 5’9, 280lbs and predominately plays the Guard position but he is capable of switching to the Tackle position if needed. He’s physical with shifty feet that assists him in his hand-eye coordination. Dashawn is very quick for a near 300lb athlete. It bodes well with his impeccable skillset. Clark’s Hudl tape is full of him pancaking defenders as he is nothing short of a human bulldozer. When he pulls off the line on a sweep play, he immediately contacts the defender in front of him and doesn’t miss his target. Only a Class of 2023 Sophomore, Clark has two more spectacular seasons to impress Collegiate Coaches and Scouts before he closes in on playing football on Saturday’s.

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At what age did you begin playing football and what motivated you to play?  I started playing around 5 years old and what motivated me to play was that the game was just so fun to me. When I was younger, I played DL and I don’t know what about but hitting people was just fun for me. 

What has football taught you about life and yourself in general once you started playing? Football taught me that no matter how hard you fall, it’s all about how you bounce back. 

Are you a leader on your team? If so, have you been able to bring any of those leadership skills from the field to your everyday life? Well of course, last year I was a captain and you know with that title it comes with responsibilities and my teammates look up to me. 

As a leader on your team, you must be a role model for your underclassmen teammates? Can you tell me some advice that you would give to your teammates who look up to you as a leader on the team?  I’ll tell the underclassmen Offensive Lineman that if you keep working and chasing your dreams, you’ll be unstoppable.

Who is a role model in the NFL (at your position) that you feel reflects your game? I would say Quenton Nelson. I also watch a lot of Terron Armstead and Orlando Brown Jr. because I also can play Offensive Tackle when I’m needed there. 

What was your biggest highlight/play so far in your High School career?  Okay, so it was Week 8 and we were playing Haynes Academy. Haynes is one of our rival schools and they were talking a lot of trash so I caught one of their Cornerbacks on a stretch play and pancaked him.  

What do you look forward to next year when you play next season? What’s your main goal? My next season, the main goal is to win state. 

Do you play any other sports or are you in anything other clubs? Do you have any hobbies? Last year, I played Football and Basketball. This [upcoming] school year I’m going to play Football and Track and next [school year] I’m thinking about doing Football, Basketball, Track and Baseball. 

What is your message to college coaches who will be your mentors for the next few years? What type of players are they getting out of you? I want them to know that I’m willing to work harder than the next guy and that I will give it my all.