Gridiron Football Diamond In The Rough: Damon Walker

We here at Gridiron Football are proud to announce our newest Diamond In The Rough in Damon Walker. Damon Walker is a class of 2022 defensive tackle out of Lewisville High School in Lewisville, Texas. He is 5’9” and weighs 285 pounds. He is an excellent run stopper with a strong lower body. He also uses hands well and has a wide body with the ability to clog running lanes. I like his pad height and how he tracks the ball. Walker has a 3.1 GPA.

Click here to watch Damon’s highlights.

What things are you looking for most in a football program? The things I look for the most are a chance to prove how effective I can be to help the team. Mainly I am looking for good teammates, and coaches to help better myself as an individual and a player.

What motivated you to get into playing this sport? At first, I was scared to play football and then my dad had begged me to play but then I just fell in love with the game and the whole meaning behind football

What does football mean to you? Football to me means family because I feel like coaches and teammates will began to feel more and more like family

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What’s your favorite thing about your position? My favorite thing about my position is I feel like it’s the most physical because everybody is meant to be in the trenches

What would you say are your main strengths on the field? I feel like my strengths are leverage and my physical playstyle.

Three words to describe yourself. Determined, Trustworthy, Hard Working

How do you balance your schoolwork and football? With schoolwork I either do it early in the morning before school or after workouts in the afternoon

Do you have a favorite NFL or College Athlete? My favorite player in the NFL is Aaron Donald.

What would you like to major in? I really haven’t thought about it yet but probably business

What type of things do you do in your offseason to keep yourself in shape? I do a lot of 100-yard sprints and strides.

What has football taught you about yourself or life? Football has taught me plenty of life lessons like you how to be a man or how to take a punch and get back up.

What would you bring to a college team? I feel like I would bring energy and leadership to any college program.

How do you prepare for an upcoming game? I usually listen to music and just get into my zone

How did you even get into football? Is there anything specific that motivated you to keep playing? God never blessed me with any brothers, so I feel like football brought the brotherly love and family feeling that I needed.

How would your coaches and teammates describe you? They would say I am hardworking, funny, and focused!