Georgia Tech Gets Massive Pickup in Holy Cross Four Star Wide Receiver Koby Young

Out of the ACC, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets got a massive win in recruiting as the program bested multiple heavy hitters including Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Florida State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Texas A&M for the remarkable talent of Holy Cross High School (New Orleans, LA) four star wide receiver Koby Young, who is a top 10 player in the state of Louisiana.

It is big for Georgia Tech to grab a talent like Koby Young over other big Power Five programs. According to Young, it was the constant persistence and hard work put in from the Georgia Tech coaching staff as well as the opportunity to play early that proved to be the difference.

“They sold me on Georgia Tech School of Business, and the fact that three out of five graduates are millionaires. The fact that the coaching staff is made up of NFL, college, and high school coaches was an amazing balance. The investment of a billion dollars in the football programs and the people in the building have been genuine, authentic, and all driven to win championships. The opportunity to come in as a leader, a spokesperson, and a major role in the offense to include special teams that all three post of the wide receiver position. The opportunity to break records and set history were the main reasons.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young

Campaigned by the coaches that recruited the 6’0, 170 pound speedy wide receiver, they see a big plan for their highest ranked commit.

“The pitch was ‘we have put everything in place: coaches, facilities, support staff, etc. Now, we need players like you to come in right away and win championships. I’m a winner and I want to win, and at the same time, walk away with a top notch education. The team was really receptive of me coming in to be the kind of leader to bring that energy we have in New Orleans to the field in Atlanta. They expressed publicly and privately that I was their guy and they had to have me. They would have me well prepared to achieve my goal as a #1 draft pick in the NFL. They had a play they articulated it without errors.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young

Getting a talent like Young is a good place to start as the New Orleans native has playmaking speed with a 11.47 time in the 100 meters, a 22.53 time in the 200 meters, a 52.51 time in the 400 meters, and a 4.4 time in the 40 yard dash. Always a touchdown waiting to happen, Young will also get the opportunity to make a difference in the return game.

“They see me a lot at wide receiver. However, they see me working with Coach Brumfield on special teams, in the backfield, and all three receiver spots. They matched my knowledge, ability and film with what Coach Buster does from an offensive standpoint and showed me how I am the perfect player for what his offense does. They said they are going to get me the ball and I know what to do with the ball when it’s given to me.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young

Case in point, the two time All-District selection has found pay dirt plenty of times during his Holy Cross career. Last season, the Tigers tried many ways in making sure number two got his hands on the football after having 41 catches for 667 yards and four touchdowns while adding 327 yards on 61 carries with another score. Not only has he produced, but he has done so in one of the toughest divisions in the state of Louisiana, which is the Catholic League.

“Playing in the toughest district in what I believe in Louisiana prep football has allowed me to always match up with the best. That has afforded me the opportunity to be the best. Iron always sharpens iron. I am so thankful to the people of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana for always pulling for me, cheering for me, and supporting me. I will always make them proud and let the world know that the best players still rain from Louisiana. I am ready and prepared.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young
Holy Cross High School 2024 4 Star WR Koby Young has committed to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets making him the highest ranked recruit for the Yellow Jackets. (Photo provided by Koby Young)

Young has always been prepared ever since he was young as he grew up around the sport with his older brother Kalija Lipscomb going to Jesuit, Vanderbilt, and the Canadian Football League. Ever since he started playing football at the age of six, he knew that he was destined to play it at the college level.

“My brother is the greatest brother anyone could ask to have. However, when it comes to the football field, he has always wanted me to be better than him from all aspects of the game. He has taught me everything he knows from the film room, playbook, on the field, and in the classroom. I’m ready. I know the offenses and defenses and it helps me to dominate from a receiver’s point of view. If you ask him or his head coach in college Cortez Hankton, the verdict is I’m way advanced at this stage than my brother, but I still believe he is the greatest. My parents have been there for me through this process. God has blessed me with two wonderful loving parents.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young

Since the star Tigers receiver has made his college decision, he is focused on playing his senior season by helping lay the foundation for new head coach Scott Wattigny.

“Coach Wattigny is serious and he wants to win. I want to win and we plan to do just that. He is an amazing man, coach, and mentor.”

“My goal is to break records. We did not pass the ball much. I think that will change. I’m ready to take the top off defenses like never before. I’m going to be more physical, more aggressive, and play as a champion each time I take the field. My parents hold me accountable and I hold myself to high standards of excellence.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young
Holy Cross High School 2024 WR Koby Young gives the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets an instant playmaker next fall. (Photo provided by Koby Young)

Those standards of excellence that Koby Young carries will also translate to when he sets foot on Georgia Tech’s campus next season.

“I want to get settled in with my routine, make sure all of my academics are structured to work with my football schedule. Find all the best players and surround myself around those who push to maximize every part of life to the max. Get with the coaches and soak up ever fiber of knowledge they have and check in with my parent’s daily. The number one goal is to be the best student athlete that rains from Louisiana and set a new standard for those who follow.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young

Koby Young will help set the standard for an ACC program that looks to become contenders again within the conference.

“The message to Georgia Tech fans. We are family. Let’s make Georgia Tech football great. You will be proud of me representing you as a fan. I will do my best every single day. They will be getting a hard worker, somebody who is a visionary leader, articulate, strives for educational excellence, character, and integrity. Going to bring lots of good energy to the flats. Ultimately, they get a player that works hard each and every day to win and bring home championships.”

Holy Cross High School four star wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Koby Young