Final LSU Spring Practice Report

Today marked the last spring practice the media gets to cover before the spring game on Saturday, and it turned out to be a day filled with a lot of positive signs leading into LSU’s final spring showing.

The headline was seeing both Maason Smith and five-star freshman signee Da’Shawn Womack back on the field working individual drills with the defensive line. Throughout the spring, both Smith and Womack were both working their way back with the team after recovering from injuries. Smith was recovering from a torn ACL injury he suffered at the season opening game against Florida State while Womack was dealing with a labrum injury. Both are expected to be huge pieces to the defensive line this season and to see both players moving so well through the drills even if it was with braces on.

LSU defensive lineman Maason Smith works through a drill with the defensive line. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

The defense got some more good news as Greg Brooks Jr. returned back to practice after missing a lot of last week’s practice with an ankle sprain. With a lot of the starters and big names returning back to the field at the end of spring is a great sign as the team heads into summer workouts.

Offensively, both the first and second team got reps so as we approach the end of spring, there was an idea of where everybody was at.

The first team offense included Jayden Daniels at quarterback, Noah Cain at running back, Malik Nabers, Brian Thomas, and Kyren Lacy at wide receiver, Jackson McGohan at tight end, Will Campbell at left tackle, Garrett Dellinger at left guard, Marlon Martinez at center, Miles Frazier at right guard, and Emery Jones at right tackle.

The second team offense featured Garrett Nussmeier at quarterback, Trey Holly at running back, Kyle Parker, Landon Ibieta, and Chris Hilton Jr. at wide receiver, Gabe Leonards, who was in for Mac Markway, at tight end, Bo Bordelon at center, Kimo Makane’ole at left tackle, Kells Bush at left guard, and two walk-ons Wes Woodward and Jack McDevitt respectively at right guard and right tackle.

A look at the first team offense through spring. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

After practice was over, LSU special teams and Jack coach John Jancek met with the media to discuss what was going on with both units at the end of spring football. Jancek opened the practice by complimenting the depth of the Jack linebacker room, which features Ovie Oghoufo, Bradyn Swinson, Jaxon Howard, and Princeton Malbrue.

“As far as outside linebacker, the two transfers that came in at midyear: Ovie and Bradyn Swinson are doing a great job and then our freshman, who enrolled early Jaxon Howard has a really bright future. I can’t say enough great things about those guys and Princeton Malbrue is a guy that always flashes. I think we have more depth than we had in the past at that position and I am really excited to work with those guys.”

LSU Jack LB and Special Teams Coach John Jancek on depth at Jack Linebacker

Jancek was also asked about Harold Perkins and if he had gotten the chance to work with him some at the jack linebacker position.

“He (Harold Perkins) is playing will linebacker for us on most of our first down and second down packages. When we go to our third down package, Harold will go over and talk about line stunts. He will come with us over to the defensive line and players that are in our third down packages and will work line stunts, pressures, and things of that nature. It’s mostly third down that I get the chance to work with Harold, but he is doing a great job of being the will linebacker. I know Coach House is really happy with him there.”

LSU Jack LB and Special Teams Coach John Jancek on Harold Perkins
LSU Jack LB and Special Teams Coach John Jancek meets with the media today. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

On special teams, one of the big questions was who was working as kick and punt returners. Coach Jancek gave the media an update and even added another name that will be factored in once he begins to practice with the team.

“We got a variety of guys out there this spring catching punts and kickoffs. It’s an ongoing evaluation, but we feel good about the guys that we have out there. We have Gregory Clayton, Kyle Parker, Sage Ryan, Noah Cain so there is a number of guys that are getting the work and the amount of reps so they have a comfort level as returners.”

“Obviously, he (Aaron Anderson) has been injured, but he factors in once he’s healthy and back.”

LSU Jack LB and Special Teams Coach John Jancek on return specialists

Last season, Damian Ramos turned out to be the surprising option at kicker and did a nice job at that role in the fall making 10 of 14 field goals and 55 of 57 extra points. Jancek also gave an update there and if he has secured the job.

“I think the job that he did last year was outstanding. He came in and made some big field goals. That field goal against Florida, that was a one possession game with almost two minutes left and he stepped in there and banged one home putting us up by two possessions. I think he just continued to gain confidence. He has become more and more confident. The things that he needs to continue to work on just like any football player is consistency. Doing it over and over, time and time again, but he is certainly a guy that’s in the mix and going to be relying on.”

LSU Jack LB and Special Teams Coach John Jancek on Damian Ramos

There will be more to talk about this week, especially on this week’s show of The Chase With Jace about what to look forward in this year’s spring game, which will be this Saturday. Jancek gave his thoughts on what he wants to see in Tiger Stadium this Saturday at 1:00 P.M.

“You want to see effort. You want to see execution. You want them to tackle and be turnover conscious. I want them to see them getting out there playing hard and just enjoying it. This is a great program with great tradition and history. I know they feel a sense of obligation. That’s a part of our fabric, culture here, and I am just excited to see them out there and competing.”

LSU Jack LB and Special Teams Coach John Jancek on what he expects from the spring game on Saturday
LSU Defensive Lineman Saivion Jones goes through the dummies in a drill. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

This is the final practice report before fall practice, but don’t worry. There will be plenty of LSU football content throughout the summer and we will have a lot of in-depth coverage for you from this year’s spring game so make sure to go to for all of your LSU Fighting Tiger needs!

To watch the final practice highlights from this spring, watch below!

To hear the whole interview with Coach John Jancek, click below!

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