DITR: OL/DL Peyton Rahming, Oak Grove High School (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

Peyton Rahming is an extremely versatile linemen within the class of 2025. He excels in both the run and pass game as a blocker, while also working as a defensive linemen at collegiate camps, where he shows plenty of prowess on the opposite side of the ball.

He weighs in a 6’3″, 270 pounds, allowing him to rotate between defensive end, interior offensive line and offensive tackle. Outside of his impressive size, Rahming is also a freak athlete. He has recorded the following official PRs and measurements: Bench 350, squat 535, power clean 315, 4.90 40 yard dash, 8’6″ broad, 32″ vertical, 5.01 shuttle.

He’s also a multi-sport athlete, throwing discus for Oak Grove’s track and field program. In their first meet of the season, he threw it 131.8 feet, again showing his athleticism and strength.

There’s a lot to like about Rahming. He gets into the second level when run blocking, has the athleticism to be a threat on screen passes and possesses the strength to drive rushers into the turf.

To put it simply, Rahming is a future star.

This isn’t just a hopeful prediction either. Rahming possesses traits that most offensive linemen his age don’t. He understands running lanes and how to use his aggression when blocking. It’s clear he knows when it’s beneficial to be aggressive, and when it’s not. For instance, if a blocker gets too aggressive, and begins recklessly throwing defenders in the second level, that side of the running lane essentially becomes a rockslide that the ball-carrier has to maneuver through. You can see Rahming’s awareness and maturity on his film; he’ll start at tackle, take down the first defender, move into the second level and stand up the linebacker to give his running back a clean lane to accelerate through.

Two defenders aren’t a challenge for Rahming either. He has the athleticism to single-handedly mitigate stunts, which gives his entire offensive line a major boost. His slide is incredibly fluid, allowing him to kick back to the first rusher, then slide forward to the second- all in a smooth transition. This is another aspect of Rahming’s game that can be observed on his impressive film.

Speaking of his film, I didn’t know if I was watching football or breakfast; the amount of pancakes Rahming produced was absurd. He has the strength and aggression to steer the rusher into the dirt, and he does it a lot. Whether he’s lined up at guard or tackle, he shows a good understanding of where to place his hands to win the leverage battle. He uses the rushers momentum against them to drive them down, rather than forward, into the turf. When he pulls, he uses his athleticism and large frame to literally bully incoming defenders.

Lastly, Rahming has great versatility. He can play on either defensive or offensive line. However, what’s even more impressive is that he has recorded snaps at tackle, guard and center. While he primarily plays on the right side of the line, he has the talent to play on the left, if needed. Rahming projects best as an interior offensive linemen at the next level, or a defensive end- should he desire to make that switch.

His play as a tackle should not be undermined either. If he was two inches taller, he would 100% be a tackle at the next level. Also, it’s worth stating that undersized tackles have started to be utilized within professional and collegiate football. For instance, Zach Tom (6’4″) is the starting left tackle for the Packers, and has been one of the better tackles in the league. Rahming is a player who needs to be on any college’s radar next year.

Below is a QnA between Rahming and myself:

What are some things you had to overcome in life?

“One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was being one of the largest students in my classes over the years but was a very slow learner. My learning challenges affected my self-esteem and caused me to exemplify anger. Because I lacked confidence in myself and was embarrassed I didn’t learn at the same speed as others, I would shut down and wouldn’t perform at all academically. Since addressing the issues I was having, I am now a very confident person, put forth 100% effort academically and it directly reflects in every area of my life. I learned how to keep my composure. As a result of this experience, I have always been taught to take anything that appears to be negative and make it positive. It motivated me to start my own product brand called P R Composure. My brand is geared towards people who may be struggling with who they are or people who have been diagnosed with ADHD, like myself. It is for people to be reminded with some motivational quotes on gear that simply says “keep your composure”. Everything will turn around and work out if you stay focused.”

What are your biggest accomplishments?

“My biggest accomplishments are winning a state football championship in peewee football and varsity football. I made history by being a part of the first 7A football state championship team in the state of MS.”

What player do you compare yourself to and why?

“I compare myself to Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis is known for being an outspoken ferocious and very spiritual leader. I dig deeply daily, I grind daily, I push myself daily and that’s exactly what I expect from my teammates and those competing with me when attempting to accomplish any goals. As far as physical size, Ray Lewis was also known to be undersized for his position but as we all know, he was a force to be reckoned with.”

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why?

What are your plans once you’re done with football and why? After I finish my football career, I have always had the desire to own an elderly care facility. My grandmother, whom I’m very close to, had to reside in an elderly care facility when it became too difficult for our family to care for her at her home. While visiting, I feel deep compassion for individuals who rarely had visitors and also wanted the facility to feel a little more like a home vs a hospital. This is near and dear to me and I would like to start on achieving this goal as soon as possible.

What do you like about the sport of football and how is it significant to you?

“I love football because it provides a place for me to learn who I am as a young man. I love the camaraderie, competitive atmosphere, and the brotherhood that is formed not just on the field but in the locker room.”

What is your GPA?

My GPA is a 2.8

What is an interesting fact about you outside of football?

“What is an interesting fact about you outside of football? Outside of football, for the past two seasons I have been grinding it out on the field and coming home to care for my mother who was battling breast cancer. At times she couldn’t walk and I would find myself carrying her to bed. I watched her still attempt to work and provide for our family as a single parent while going through chemotherapy and radiation and only missing two of my games in the process. Talk about strength… yeah, this is why I grind.”

What are your stats throughout your football career?

“I’ve played the O-line position over the past two seasons and stats were not really recorded for this position. Video footage is available to review my performance. I can say I am on the field every down. I don’t miss a play.”

What is your dream school to play for in college?

“My dream college is a college that understands my work ethics mean everything to me, a college that understands that obtaining an education is most important, a college that allows me to grow, experience the joys of life, and accepts me for who I am. While I pride myself on being focused and driven, I am truly a clown. I’m a hype man and I would certainly want any college program to understand that makes me happy and well worth any work I put into our program.”

What is something you’re working to improve?

“What is something you’re working to improve? I am working to improve my knowledge of the game, my ability to transition and play multiple positions on the field including both sides of the ball and improve my speed.”

What is a strength you have in the game?

“My strength is just that- my strength. I’m very strong and can handle myself against some of the most fierce opponents.”

What is your favorite activity outside of football?

“Outside of football, I enjoy power lifting, throwing the discus and shot put in track and field, and drawing. I’m a pretty good artist.”

What is something football taught you?

“Football has taught me to be poise, patience, and challenges my body and mind to perform beyond my personal expectations”