Edna Karr defeats Scotlandville, 46-8

When rain comes around on a football gameday, that usually means a lot more running than passing. Only this time was not affected by rain during the game, but instead before. The field at Scotlandville High School was noticably wet, which definitely lead to some slip-ups for both teams. But in the end, this game was not even close. The closest this game was (after 0-0) was when it was 33-8.

In the first quarter, the first drive would be a bit of a signal. Edna Karr kicked off to start the game, and the Scotlandville Hornets would take two penalties, leading to a punt on fourth and eleven. The Edna Karr Cougars would go on to score three touchdowns to make the score 20-0 by the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was a lot better for the Hornets defensively. The defense got an interception to set the offense up on the opposing 32 yardline. The offense then gave the ball back to the Cougars, who drove down the field and scored a rushing touchdown. Scottlandville would then go on a drive that includes a 40-yard pass, but turn the ball over on downs in the red zone. Edna Karr would have to go on a two-minute drill, but not suceed, making the score 26-0 at the end of the half.

At the start of the third quarter, Edna Karr got the ball first. However, both the Cougars and Hornets defenses would get to work with three-and-outs. It was the ensuing drive for both teams where they would put together touchdown drives, both rushing. The Cougars would get the extra point, and he Hornets would go for two. The Cougars would rush for about a 55-yard TD, making the score 40-8 at the end of the quarter.

To finish the game, the Hornets would throw an interception to make way to a 37-yard touchdown drive by the Cougars – all rushing plays. The point after attempt would be no good. The Hornets would get the ball back to try and make the score a little bit better, but would fail after two back-to-back sacks take the offense from the opposing five yardline to the thirty yardline. To take the rest of the time off the clock, the Edna Karr Cougars would run the ball to make the final score 46-8.

It wasn’t all bad for Scotlandville. Some explosive plays on both sides of the ball showed that the team has potential. C’zavian “Zae” Teasett has a good ability to escape trouble, even when protection is breaking down. But when against a team as tough as Edna Karr, potential is unfortunately not enough.