DITR: Nose Guard Marcus Palmer, Woodlawn Leadership Academy (Shreveport, Louisiana)

Marcus Palmer is one of the most well rounded and intriguing prospects that attended Gridiron Football’s first Elite Camp of the year. The 6’0, 370 lb nose guard from the class of 2025 has tremendous footwork, and eye opening agility for a young man his size. Marcus crushed the 3 cone shuttle by finishing in 5.3 seconds, unheard of from a man his size. He wrecked carnage during lineman drills, showing off his insane strength. It didn’t matter if it was a 2v1 or 1v1 block, Marcus would get off his blocks and power his way into the pocket. During the newly implemented tire tug of war drill, Marcus rarely lost. No matter who he was pulling against, them and the tire were coming across the barrier to Marcus’s side. Football isn’t the only thing Marcus excels at. He is also a very decorated powerlifter, most recently placing 1st in the 4A division, and 4th for his entire region with a 670 lb squat and a 500 lb bench press. As a nose guard, Marcus is mainly on an island with just him and the center. Here is where he utilizes his deadly bull rush and swim moves. A sack monster, Marcus Palmer will be a household name in a few years. Check out his Hudl if you want to see the next Vita Vea.

What made you fall in love with football?

It’s something that I can put my time and energy in, and really focus on being better. My first interaction with the game really made me realize, this is what I want to do. I love the ability to just get up and always be able to do something.

Who do you think you play the most like?

I don’t really compare myself to anyone, I want to make a name for myself. Although, my Dad used to compare me to William “The Refrigerator” Perry. I love how aggressive he was, but I want to be my own Marcus Palmer, I want to play for myself. I did look him up though and he has the same archetype as me. He’s a big dude but he can run and do multiple things, he wasn’t subjected to doing just one thing.

What motivates you to play the game of football?

The ability to make it. The ability to get my family out of where they are right now. I also just want to be great and make a name for myself. I want to get my family to a point where they can just chill and sit back, I really just want to build something for them and myself. I want to leave my mark on the world.

You excelled in the tire tug of war during camp, is that something you have ever done before?

Everything I did at the camp was my first time. I’ve carried tires before, but I have never played that game specifically.

What from the Gridiron Football Elite Camp did you learn that you will take into next season?

Lots of people tell me that I move well for a big dude. That being said I know that I still need to overcome that hump that’ll eliminate me from being a “big dude”. I’ve probably passed the point where they say “yea he moves good for a big dude”, but I have to surpass that so there is no negative thoughts about “do I really want him or not”. I want you to know that you need me. With that being said, I have to get faster, I have to jump farther, and I just have to surpass the thoughts of everyone who doubted me. The camp really helped me with all those attributes from the 40 yard dash, to the 3 cone shuttle and the broad jump.

What are some of your life goals outside of football?

My main goal is getting my family to a point where they don’t have to worry about anything. I want to get educated and help bring my family success, even if that means sharing my knowledge to the little ones around me. I really want to bring them out of the situation they are in and put them in a better situation. I want my family to be on top of everybody.

What is your dream college to play for?

Of course I’m from Louisiana so my dream college will always be LSU. That being said, I’m willing to play anywhere. No matter where I go, my lights going to shine for sure.

What about your game stands out?

My aggression towards the game. My ability to not want to get stopped and my ability to be able not to be stopped. Playing on the middle by myself, on that island, I don’t need too much recognition. I know my grind every day and I just do me. My aggression and thought of how no one can stop me, no matter how many people there are is my biggest strength. I don’t care who you are, how good you are supposed to be, how big you are, all I know is that I am coming to dominate.

Do you have a way too early Super Bowl prediction for next season?

You know I’m from Louisiana so I gotta say the Saints. It would be beautiful.