DITR: RB Sydney Hubbard, Forney High School (Forney, Texas)

If there was ever a running back with unlimited potential, it would be Sydney Hubbard. Sydney is a 5’11, 180 lb running back from the class of 2028 who is ready to make a name for himself. Sydney possesses every attribute you want in a running back. He has shifty feet that aid his elusiveness, while still showing bone bruising power when he runs over a defender. On top of all this, Sydney is lightning fast and impossible to catch up to in the open field. I want to start with Sydney’s shiftiness. His lateral movement is insane, and he never trips himself up. He has a lethal side step that will send any defender coming after him flying in the other direction. His juke move is very developed for a young man his age. While he is elusive, his nickname is YACman (Yards After Contact) and for good reason. Sydney’s massive frame allows him to barrell over any defender in his way on the path for a touchdown. It takes multiple defenders just to make him stumble. His center of gravity is so low that he sheds off tacklers like old skin while maintaining complete balance. Along with this physicality is amazing speed. Sydney most recently ran a 4.6s 40 yard dash, insanely impressive for an eighth grader. With four more years left to develop, I think Sydney’s speed is going to become a key factor in his game. This season, Sydney rushed for 1100 yards and 11 touchdowns. This breaks down to an astonishing 120 rushing yards a game. Sydney is a certified workhorse, ready to do whatever his team needs to win. He loves to train and improve, and most recently has been training with Javian Osborne. This is good news as Javian is the #1 running back in the nation for the class of 2026. The skills he will learn from Javian will be invaluable, and help add to his already lethal attribute list. Sydney is very diverse in his interests. He currently plays basketball as well as running for his school’s track team. These sports have many attributes that bleed over into football to improve how a kid plays. Obviously you gain speed from track, but basketball is very useful for honing athleticism and lateral movement. On top of this, Sydney holds a very impressive 3.5/4.0 GPA. Any athlete from the class of 2028 with these attributes is ahead of the game, and this definitely rings true for Sydney. I have no doubt that Sydney will be an extremely sought after prospect in high school.

What made you fall in love with football?

When I was little my dad put a football in my hand and I used to just hold it around the house. After that, while he was watching TV he would throw me the ball in the living room. That is where it started. Also watching the Cowboys play, my favorite player was Dez Bryant.

What do you consider your best on the field attribute? 

I would say reading blocks and footwork. If I see a hole, I’m cutting as soon as I see it. I don’t hesitate. I just get downhill once I see the hole. I think that’s my best attribute.

How do you believe being a 3 sport athlete helps you on the football field? 

I would say in track it’s speed. I ran the 4×1, the 4×2, and relays. In basketball, I would say it’s more footwork and athleticism like jumping. I’m not dunking yet but I’m touching rim.

Your nickname is YACman which means you can run and put a defender on the ground. What do you do outside of team practice to hone that toughness and physicality?

At home, I’m doing footwork drills. I work with my trainer Brandon Williams. He teaches me what high school ball is going to feel like and what I need to do to be ready for it. That’s really what makes me the player that I am.

You’re entering a school that currently has the #1 running back in the nation for his class. I know you train with him, but what are you expecting to learn from Javian being on the same team and practicing every day together?

I’m looking to learn what big boy ball feels like. Going into high school, it’s going to be new plays so I want to learn them, get a better understanding of the offense and how it works, and how to put myself in the best position. I watch him work and pick up on things that he does.

What are your goals for yourself and your team for this upcoming season?

I would say I want to have a winning record for the team. I want to up my stats from last year. I want to rush for at least 1500 yards this year and 15 touchdowns.

Is there anyone you try and model your game after on the field?

I would say Adrian Peterson. Billy Sims is another one for me. I watched some of his tape and I love the way that he runs.

What has been your biggest improvement since you first started playing football?

I would say learning how to play the game correctly, like my football IQ. When I first started playing the game, I didn’t really understand the game of football. Over the years it just came to me and started getting easier.

What is your dream college, and have you been in talks with any colleges recently?

Oklahoma is my dream school for sure. I had a visit there last month. TCU and Texas are showing some interest as well. Florida state’s running back coach just started following me on twitter.

What is the most challenging part of playing running back?

You always get hit a lot so you want to make sure your body is at 100%. You take all those hits, it’s hard to stay healthy all the time. On the field, the toughest part is reading defenses before the play. You always want to look at the defense they are in before you get the ball. You can get a jump on where you want to go depending on where the defense is lined up.

Who is your way too-early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

I feel like Detroit is going to be in there. They came short last season but I think they will be able to pull it through this season.