DITR: WR Jiwaun Brock, Covington High School (Covington, LA)

Introducing Jiwaun Brock, a rising football star whose skill as a wide receiver is lighting up the field. Brock is a talented and passionate athlete who stands 5’10” and weighs 160 pounds. Brock has four years of experience in football, and his numbers from the last season, which included over 400 yards and seven touchdowns, speak for themselves. But it’s not just his outstanding stats that make Brock stand out from the competition; it’s also his attitude and style of play. He’s an unstoppable force on the field with an exciting attitude.

It’s not just Brock’s attitude that makes him a standout player—it’s his mastery of the fundamentals. His route running is excellent, and he can easily catch the ball out of thin air with his grip. Not only does Brock enjoy scoring touchdowns as a wide receiver, but he also enjoys the excitement of the pursuit and the rush of adrenaline that comes with making a game-changing catch.

Even if he has natural skills, Brock is accustomed to working hard and being dedicated. Whether it’s learning route running techniques, maintaining focus throughout practice, or perfecting his ability to go up and get the ball, he’s always trying to get better. Brock takes full advantage of every chance for personal development that arises when he is on the field.

Brock has an desire for success as he looks to the future. He is aware that there will be obstacles in his path to success, but he is more than willing to meet them head-on. Jiwaun Brock will undoubtedly make an impact on the football field and beyond.

How did you get started in football, and what inspired you to play the sport?

Really was just a thing I saw my friends playing , and got good at it and made it my passions.

Can you share a memorable moment or game that stands out in your football career so far?

My sophomore season against Slidell.

What positions do you enjoy playing the most, and why?

I enjoy playing wide receiver, the action and catching the ball is what I like the most.

How do you balance schoolwork and football during the season?

Staying focus and studying.

What aspects of your game do you feel you have improved upon the most since you started playing?

Route running and going up to get the ball.

What are your individual goals for the upcoming football season?

Having over 10 touchdowns and 800 plus yards.

How do you stay motivated during practices and training sessions, especially when facing tough drills or exercises?

My team keeps me motivated and my coaching staff.

What advice would you give to other young players? 

Just stay consistent and finish every training like it’s your last day on earth.

Aside from football, what is an interesting fact about you? 

Going outdoors, hiking, fashion

Which college would you most like to play for? 

Southeastern, LA Tech, UL, LSU

What are your biggest strengths on the field?