December 3, 2022

Diamond In The Rough: Darius Green

LCCP- Darius Green

Darius Green is an offensive/defensive lineman and is in the class of 2022 at LCCP in Lake Charles, La. As a lineman, his quick reaction times are impressive and come in handy when making blocks and tackles. Darius is very quick and great at making essential last-minute blocks. Because he is so quick, when Darius is on defense, he is able to maneuver through opposing teams’ offensive lines easily and disrupt plays. However, Darius’ ability to maneuver isn’t the only way he can get to the ball. If Darius cannot outmaneuver his opponent, he overpowers them. Darius makes his strength known by plowing through opponents with ease, no matter what side of the ball he is on. Standing at 6’0 250lbs, Darrius is a force to reconned with not only on the field, but in the classroom too. With his 3.0 GPA it’s obvious that Darius always gives his best, no matter what he’s doing.

Check out Darius’ highlights by clicking here.

What did football teach you about yourself or life once you began playing? It taught me about accountability and to always try your best

Who or what has been your biggest motivation or role model in the sport? My mother

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What is your favorite memory while playing the sport? My favorite memory is from freshman year when we won district

Are you involved with any other sports or activities at school besides football and if so, how do you think those experiences have helped you on the football field? Wrestling. It taught me about hand placement and stamina and that the lowest man wins

Do you have a favorite player, college or NFL, that you look up to? Someone that I really like to watch would probably be Aaron Donald. We have a similar style and are both undersized.

Outside of sports do you have any passions or hobbies that you pursue in your free time and what about them do you enjoy the most? I like to write sometimes because I feel like it helps you get stuff off your chest

For the upcoming 2021 season, what are some personal goals that you look forward to accomplishing and does your teams have any early goals? To win state. For my personal goals, also to win state and hopefully get a college offer.

What’s some advice you would give to younger players that want to play high school football one day? Just make sure you try your best

This past season was obviously very different with all of the Covid restrictions. What adjustments did your team have to make and how were you all able to overcome that? It effected us because we had to push the season back to the spring and a lot of our games got canceled. During the time we had we ran drills as much as possible because for the regular season we only had six games

Finally, what do you believe is the most rewarding part about playing the sport and being part of a team? Learning about accountability. It teaches you that it’s not just yourself that you’re fighting for

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