DITR: LB/TE Nathan Damiano, Franklin High School (Baltimore, MD)

Meet Nathan Damiano, the Maryland native and gridiron sensation from Franklin High School. Nathan is a 6’0, 210-pound tight end and linebacker who is making waves in his first year playing and on the varsity team. 

Nathan has already established himself with impressive stats in his first season: 1 interception, 3 forced fumbles, 5.5 sacks, 48 tackles, and 7 pancakes. His influence on the field is undeniable, and opponents find it difficult to match his dynamic style of play.

Nathan demonstrates leadership qualities even as a first-year player. His selection as the team’s co-captain is evidence of his leadership and maturity. His cheerful attitude and strong work ethic inspires his teammates. Nathan handles everything with drive and dedication, whether he’s practicing to hone his skills or studying to keep his excellent 3.6 GPA.

In addition to his strategic approach, his quick feet and agility make him a dangerous opponent on the field. It speaks volumes about his natural talent and football knowledge that he has the unusual ability to assess circumstances quickly and respond with accuracy.

Nathan Damiano is destined for success because of his raw talent and leadership qualities. There’s no telling how far he’ll go as long as he keeps improving on the gridiron. He’s only getting started, so keep an eye on this rising star.

How did you get started in football, and what inspired you to play the sport?

I started playing flag football when I was 7 and always wanted to play rec football. I waited until high school and played my first year of tackle football in my freshman year.

Can you share a memorable moment or game that stands out in your football career so far?

The most memorable game/moment was against Mount Saint Joseph (a top private school in MD) when I tallied 1 FF, 12 tackles, 1 sack and 3 Pancakes. 

What positions do you enjoy playing the most, and why?

I enjoy playing middle linebacker and tight end the most. I enjoy playing linebacker because I like to hit people and make plays on the ball. 

How do you balance schoolwork and football during the season?

In order for me to balance schoolwork and football during the season, I have a schedule that I try to follow as much as possible. It is also easier to balance it when I am held to such a high standard by family. 

What aspects of your game do you feel you have improved upon the most since you started playing?

I feel like my decision making and IQ on the football field has gone up so much since the first snap I have ever taken.

What are your individual goals for the upcoming football season?

My goals for this upcoming season are to have a starting spot on varsity, bench 225 lbs and squat 405 lbs.

Are there any professional football players you look up to, and if so, why? 

Ever since last year I have looked up to Roquan Smith because he is a very good player to watch film on, he is a great leader and is very positive towards teammates. That is the type of player I would like to become within the next few years. 

How do you stay motivated during practices and training sessions, especially when facing tough drills or exercises?

For me to stay motivated in drills, exercises and in anything I do within sports, I always think about how many other people and players within my class and high school in general are putting in the same effort if not more than me and I know that if I want to get somewhere with this sport I can’t be outworked.

What advice would you give to other young players? 

If I could say one thing to younger players, it would be “the work you put in is what you are going to get out” meaning just going to practice 5 times a week will not get you where you want but working in silence is how you get to the next level. 

Aside from football, what is an interesting fact about you? 

I play baseball in the spring and I like to spend any extra time I have with friends and family.

Which college would you most like to play for? 

If I could choose one college to play for in the nation it would be Colorado because I really like the mentality and energy within that program to be a great player on the field and a great person off the field. 

What are your biggest strengths on the field? 

On the field I am very strategic and I am very good at reacting to situations quickly if they don’t go my way. 

How has playing football impacted other areas of your life, such as academics and personal life?

Football has taken up a lot more of my free time whether it is practices and games or just getting work in myself but I think it makes me a stronger human being by being able to maintain good grades, a good relationship with the people around me and being a great player on the field.